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We Founded TIQUE On The Principle Of Community Over Competition... because when your business succeeds, so does the whole travel industry.

It's true: teamwork makes the dream work. We can't all have experienced every situation, visited every property, or come up with every solution possible. That's why we are taking a collaborative approach to business resources. Instead of solely "consulting," we believe in the concept of brainstorming. We'd like to get in the proverbial business trenches 


with you and think through ways to help improve your business processes. Work alone? Let's chat one-on-one. Have a team? Great- we want to meet them. Let's get the whole gang together! We are here to be backboard and biggest hype gals your business have ever had. And between your team and ours, we bet that we can create some business magic together!

One-on-one strategy brainstorm

Have you ever considered business coaching but felt that no one truly understands the industry enough to give you sound business advice? We have been there too, friend!

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website audit

Have you wondered if your website could be doing more for you? We want to make sure that your company's site is grabbing your ideal client's interest. Work one-on-one with Robin to brainstorm strategies on how to make your website stand out!

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Systems Audit

Are you sick of copy and pasting the same emails over and over? Jennifer will dig into your systems, review your workflow, and deliver a thorough audit on ways that you can enhance your client experience, all while minimizing your effort. 

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