are you ready to build a referral-worthy travel business?

all of the Email, Form, & task list templates you need to deliver a high-end booking experience for your travel clients.

The secret to generating repeat business and converting clients into lifelong super fans? A streamlined & enjoyable booking experience from the moment a client submits your inquiry form through the moment they return home. 

You started your travel business to help your clients experience the world…

But instead of feeling fulfilled in your role, you are bogged down with endless client emails and overdue trip tasks. You see other travel advisors who are able to run their business while they travel the world, wondering how they can effortlessly balance it all. You know that there is a better way to do things, but for some reason it feels like an industry secret.

here's the problem...

You are failing to implement or enforce boundaries with your clients, leading to resentment and burnout.

You’re putting in way too many hours trying to control the chaos that it feels there is not enough time to even breathe.

Client details are falling through the cracks and your booking process feels inconsistent & unprofessional.

the truth of the matter is... 

If you don’t have a streamlined booking Process, you can’t Grow your travel business.

For too long, travel advisors have been sold a dream that anyone can be successful in this industry. A “dream” that includes hundreds of happy clients easily managed remotely while advisors jet from one beautiful FAM destination to another. 

But the reality is that running a successful travel business feels more like juggling 12 balls at once. And once you feel like you have those balls under control, one of them catches on fire. 

When you are constantly juggling client emails & deadlines, you are inevitably going to get exhausted & burnt out.

But what if there was a better way to build and run a successful travel business?

Imagine what your business could look like if...

You had all of the email and form templates you need to effortlessly manage your communication with clients. 

You had a client process roadmap that empowers your clients while simultaneously protecting your boundaries. 

You are able to book more clients because you have an organized back-end system for managing your clients. 

You are able to hire help or bring on new agents because you have a streamlined system.

You have a book of happy clients who enthusiastically refer more clients to you because they loved their experience.

You could get it all done in less time and FINALLY take a well-deserved vacation.

Business is booming! You have a new client inquiry... 🎉

You just received a 5-star review 
on Google! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thompson Honeymoon just paid
their upcoming invoice in full 💰

Business is booming! You have a 
new client inquiry… 🎉


client communication templates

A collection of email, forms, and task list templates to help you enforce boundaries, manage expectations, & deliver a high-end travel booking experience.

What if you could skip the overwhelm of pausing your business to elevate your client experience and get right to the good part? Now, you can… with our Client Communication Templates! 

Our bundle of templates include every email & form you need to streamline and elevate your booking process.

now available for any crm!

what's waiting for you inside?

Each canned email is designed save you precious time while clearly communicating your process, expectations, and boundaries throughout every step of the booking process. All you have to do is adjust the verbiage to your brand’s tone and upload them into your preferred email system!

44 canned email templates

These forms are battle-tested through our team’s combined 10+ years in the travel industry! Gather precious client details and protect your business with forms like payment authorizations, updated flight details, new client inquiry form, welcome home survey, and more!

14 client form templates

Each canned email comes with a corresponding email header graphic that allows you to keep every touchpoint beautiful & on brand! These templates are designed in Canva, making it easy to upload your brand assets, source beautiful stock images, and upload each graphic directly into your email system.

Email header graphics

Tired of small details falling through the cracks? These templates come with a New Lead Task List & Booked Trip Task List so you can feel relaxed knowing that each detail of the booking process is clearly outlined in an organized roadmap for each and every travel client! 

2 client task list templates 

Our "What To Do When" & "How We Work" Guides are including in this template bundle! These supporting client experience documents are designed to empower clients & educate them on your process. These are designed in Canva and meant to be sent along with your workflow!

Supporting Client Documents 

And of course we would never just give you all of these incredible resources and leave you to fend for yourself! Our comprehensive “Getting Started Guide” will walk you through exactly how to audit and customize these templates so that they are perfect for YOUR unique travel business!

getting started guide

ready to invest?

Purchase the templates trusted by 700+ travel advisors around the world!

traveljoy templates


+ TIQUE's recommended workflow
+ Editable emails templates in google
+ Optional set-up tutorials & service add-on

non-traveljoy templates


+ TIQUE's recommended workflow
+ editable email templates in google
+ designed for any cRM

Sheila hixon, Travel Bug Vacation Planning

“I had no true workflow before. Now I have a timeline laid out so my clients aren’t wondering when to expect communication… and I have a dedicated system that allows ME to stay organized too!"

"Are these Communication Templates REALLY worth the hype?"

We think so, but we asked our customers for you...

Ashley Les, Pro travel inc.

“Honestly I’m so glad my friend Angela told me about this workflow. As someone who just “wings it” a bit, BUT has great sales, I didn’t realize how much time I’ve been wasting trying to remember it all!”

Brenda Otto, sunray travel 

“I finally feel my back office is more organized and automated, also my emails look so much more professional. This is saving me so much time allowing me to focus on providing great service to new and existing clients.”

Elyn blacknight

“I bought your workflow a few days ago. It was a bit of a leap of faith, but I was so overwhelmed because I felt like I was building the plane while I was flying it. I’ve just started implementing portions of it and am so impressed. Already feeling more serenity around my processes - I can’t wait to see some of the add-on’s being produced!”

“There is, unequivocally, nothing that has been more valuable to the growth of my business (and my sanity) than TIQUE’s workflow! It is worth every penny! As a result of implementing this workflow, I am closing more business, getting more done, eliminating inquiries that are not a good fit, and constantly getting compliments on my professionalism.”

Ana white, wanna jet away custom travel

“Definitely worth the investment! So happy that I’m learning to run an organized business… The emails look so professional! Although I’ve only booked a handful of trips, the few emails that I have sent through travel joy, make me seem much more experienced!”

Jennifer Verville, gourmet adventures travel co.

I would tell (any advisors on the fence about purchasing) to jump on this opportunity as soon as they can. The time and money I could have saved had I joined earlier makes me crazy. But I’m so happy to be here now.

Alicen stoker, global adventure travel

“TIQUE’S workflow template are truly a worthwhile investment. Purchasing and implementing their workflow has helped me run my travel agency smoothly and saved me countless hours.”

Dianna bethel, mer bleue

I think the word “investing” describes the program perfectly. It’s a true investment. The materials themselves are of amazing quality. The course helps new advisors better understand the way TravelJoy works and how the materials can be adapted to best fit your business. My advice is 100% to do it!

Heidi Theis, Benvenuto Travel


5 Free Client Communication Email Templates

If there is one thing we are passionate about it's helping travel advisors work smarter, not harder! So we are giving you our five must have email templates that you can customize & add directly to your TravelJoy or CRM. 

Are you ready to save time and “wow” your clients? 

client communication templates

now available for any crm!

Frequently Asked Questions

will you implement my workflow for me?

Yes, we do offer our TravelJoy Setup Service, but only to the clients with TravelJoy who purchased our Client Communication Templates. Once you complete your purchase, we have a secret menu of workflow support services for our clients to take advantage of! It’s giving Starbucks secret menu vibes 🤫

how long do i have access to these templates?

Forever! Once you complete your purchase you will be sent an email with access links to all of your new templates. We recommend bookmarking this email so that you never lose them! And the best part? Should our emails ever get a little update - you will receive the updated version for no additional charge.

what happens after I purchase?

Once you purchase either the TravelJoy or non-TravelJoy templates, you will receive an email with a link to access all of your new templates! We recommend that you start off by reviewing the Getting Started Guide which will outline exactly how to customize these templates to best match your brand's tone, booking process, etc. 

is there a payment plan available for these templates?

Due to the smaller investment and digital nature of this product, we do not offer a payment plan for our Client Communication Templates at this point in time. 

I don't use traveljoy. Would these templates still work for me?

YES! We have created two versions of our popular workflow: one for TravelJoy users and one for advisors using another CRM who is not ready to move over to TravelJoy just yet. These "generic" templates are identical to the TravelJoy version but do not contain any of the TravelJoy specific verbiage or smart fields. When selecting "Purchase Templates" make sure that you are selecting the correct version for your business!  

hey there!

Did you happen to skip all the way to the bottom?

If you're looking for the TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) version, here you go… Out Client Communication Templates are a complete collection of email, forms, and task list templates to help you enforce boundaries, manage expectations, & deliver a high-end travel booking experience. Ready to feel confident and more organized in your business?

traveljoy templates


+ TIQUE's recommended workflow
+ Editable emails templates in google
+ Optional set-up tutorials & service add-ons

non-traveljoy templates


+ TIQUE's recommended workflow
+ editable email templates in google
+ designed for any cRM

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