Systems for proposals

investment: $50

This session is part our "Systems Masterclass" where we dive in to how to leverage technology to nail your client proposals.

We'll cover how to humanize the sales process, while still utilizing canned templates. You'll also learn about how to integrate your branding into your proposals to ensure that you are adding your "special" touch at every turn. The main systems discussed during this training are Travefy & Loom.

So, what's covered in the training?

topics include:



best practices


Our secret sauce when it comes to sending clients proposals. Loom let's you send easy videos of your client proposals so you can better explain the options and create a relationship with your client. 

We talk through this platform, how to load content into your Library of resources, making the options all aesthetically pleasing, etc. 

Client proposals are crucial and we talk through our "best practices" to nailing your proposals and ensuring clients  respond. 

Of course, we talk thorugh the variosu ways that you can also use Loom in your business - for communicating across a team, welcome videos to clients, etc. 

We are robin & jennifer... and we want to help you create the travel business of your dreams.

Do you love the travel industry but think that it is overdue for a facelift? Are you tired of your business running you instead of you running your business? Do you feel like online templates, coaches, and business resources all cater to every other niche market except travel advisors? If so, you found your people my friend! We are 'TIQUE - a small, but mighty, force of nature with a combined 10 years in the travel industry. 

With Jennifer's background in Human Resources and Robin's corporate Marketing experience, these two have scaled an itinerary creation company into a multi-million dollar independent travel agency… and now they want to help you create the travel business of your dreams! Our goal is simple: create solutions and resources that allow you to run your business, and prevent your business from running you! 

meet your teachers

At this point I've taken so many trainings/courses/coaching sessions and I can honestly say that they all pale in comparison to 'TIQUE's way of doing things. Normally I am left feelings underwhlemed by what I get out of a course or training, especially given the investment. But this training (and everything you offer!) is perfectly in line with what you charge for it, and then some! Absolutely worth the time and investment. 100000% feel more empowered about running my business instead of the other way around! 

I enjoyed the class and camaraderie, you guys are so down to Earth. Truly appreciate all the work you put into sharing your knowlegdge!

Since being such a new business owner, this course is invaluable. I didn't know what I didn't know and this course has got my brain going a mile a minute!

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