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Do you want to build a team, but you don't know where to start? 

Job descriptions, postings, and ads can make or break who you attract to your business. This kit will provide the building blocks for capturing the attention of the right talent, interviewing thoroughly to ensure the most ideal organizational fit, and solidifying the relationship through expectations agreements and contracts.

recruitment kit bundle

investment: $150

Did you know that both of the 'TIQUE team members have backgrounds in recruitment and Human Resources? These templates have been created utilizing the best practices of talent attraction and organizational development. 

By showcasing your company's attributes and the highlights of working within the travel industry through a professional job posting, you are immediately creating credibility with your potential applicants. 

travel agent job description


travel agent facebook job posting ad




All of our job postings have templates for hiring new or experienced travel agents. 

The documents are easily editable to match each company's own requirements and needs. 

There are two types of job postings included in the bundle. One is a longer format, which is perfect for an internat job site (Monster, Indeed, etc.). There is also a shorter job posting that is perfect for boosted posts on Facebook or Instagram.

A job description is the official document that outlines the role and the organizational structure. This can be used as a document that the new hire signs in understanding their responsibilities with the company.

A job posting includes certain aspects of the job, but has been converted to be more marketing focused. This is enhanced with company information to attract talent. 

The Expectations Agreement is based on the organizational philosophy and outlines how the agency would like the employee to perform. The Expectations Agreement may not be used by all companies, but it could be a useful tool to set the tone of what the company does expect to maintain a consistent level of service (particularly if there are multiple advisors under one brand).

An Independent Contractor contract is a legally binding document that covers the mutual relationship between the two parties. This is not included in this bundle, since every contract should be created by a lawyer for each specific agency.

'TIQUE made us stand out in a very competitive market! From their templates, photos, fonts, colors; everything is beautiful. I love that they've literally thought out every possible communication you may need to have with a client, and formatted it into beautiful words for you to just send along! I also love the workflow portion. It is very helpful in making sure nothing is missed.

Yall, owning your own business is HARD. The daily list of things to do grows exponentially. I really tried to take a step back and work smarter, not harder this year. I learned long ago that outsourcing those little projects that eat away at you daily is worth it...what I didn't know is that outsourcing my workflow build, my emails, and my systems would be the most rewarding decision! Tique not only delivers...they go over and above and that means the world.

Is it silly to say that my new workflow moved me to tears?! Over the last ten months, I have dumped so much time, money, and effort into preparing for travel's return, and I can honestly say that this was the best money I've spent. I love the customization, the ease, and HOW MUCH it takes off of my shoulders. You just demolished a huge to do list I've been avoiding and I can't thank you enough! The workflow is perfect and I know it's going to up my client relation game without adding to my already crowded to do list!

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