Are you tired of being embarrassed by your outdate or uninspiring website? You have scrolled through hundreds of website templates only to find that nothing is built for the travel industry. Well, we have your back friend! We have refied and refreshed our website template implementation 

process to ensure that your new site is beautiful, effective, and easy to maintain! With our new copywriting guide, comprehensive pre-project questionnaire, library of Showit tutorials, and pre-launch checklist, you will feel empowered and excited about your brand new website. 

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Best enjoyed with a spicy margarita. Our Cabo template features clean, modern lines and large graphics to allow your brand to really shine! 

fresh, clean, modern

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Bold, beautiful, adventurous, and playful!
Our Bali template is designed with overlays and large imagery to allow your brand to come through. 

authentic, cool, organic

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Best enjoyed with a sparkling glass of Rose. Our Provence template features romantic lines and large imagery to allow your brand to really shine! 


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Cliffs of Moher

Our Cliffs of Moher template is built to convert. With modern lines and a deep color palette to allow your brand to come through. 


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we make launching your new website easy so that you can do what you do best... serving your clients!

01. we book your project's start date

Once you are ready to get started, fill out our website template application and we will send you a proposal to book your project. There you will choose your packages, page template add-ons, and ideal start date. Once you press submit, you will get an email with our Website Design Contract to electronically sign. After that comes back signed, you will then be sent a link to your invoice to make your first deposit. Once all of that is done - you are officially booked! A member of our team will reach out within 48 hours of getting your deposit to confirm your start date. 

02. you get started on all the pre-project "homework"

After we confirm your start date, we will send you a digital questionnaire and link to your templates copywriting guide. The digital questionnaire is where you will upload your brand assets and font files, any basic adjustments to your template,  images you would like featured on your site, etc. The copywriting guide is what you will use to help craft your new website's copy. It is filled with helpful information about SEO, copywriting tips & tricks, etc.

03. we start your implementation!

On your start date, our implementation team will dive right in and start your website build. These projects typically last two weeks, so please be sure that you select a start date when you are able to provide timely feedback. With each draft of your live site, you will receive a form to complete outlining all of your website edits and adjustments. During the second week, we will migrate your domain to point to your new website to make launching your site as easy as possible. 

04. you launch your new site... stress-free!

After you sign off on the final draft of your website, you are officially able to launch your new website! But don't worry... we promise not to just leave you to fend for yourself. That is definitely not how friendships are made! We will leave you with a whole library of Showit resources to ensure you feel confident maintaining your new site. Showit also offers 24/7 chat support through your website's portal to make getting quick answers even easier!

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No code & no tears

Say goodbye to the days of trying to learn code or having to hire a website designer for minor changes! It's 2022 - drag-n-drop only please.

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why do we work in showit?

endless possibilities

You aren't just another travel advisor, which means that you need a website that isn't just another website. Change anything, anytime, easily!

designed for the travel industry

As previous travel advisors, we design only for travel advisors. Meaning more of the layouts you want and need.

24/7 support

Need a question answered or your site adjusted ASAP? No problem. Showit offers live chat support that works as hard as you do - thank god! 

Our standard payment terms for website projects are 50% of the total invoice due upfront to reserve your start date and 50% of the total invoice due upon completion of the project. All final launch tutorials and wrap up documents will be delivered after final payment is received.

+ what is the payment schedule?

In order to bring your wildest website dreams to life, we will need all of your beautiful brand assets, the login to your active Showit membership, and access to your domain in order to launch your new site. Showit memberships start at $19 per month without a blog, and $24 per month with a blog. You can review all of their plans HERE

+ what do i need ready before we start?

All of our available start dates are listed inside of the website design proposals. When you go to book your project, you will select the start date you prefer. A team member will reach out within 48 hrs to confirm your start date and send you the onboarding documents to prep for your project! If you are looking to do a brand project as well, we will book that first then select your website's start date.

+ when can we start my project?

To book your project, click HERE to complete the inquiry form. You will be sent an email with the website design proposal! To book your project, you will select your package and add-ons, then enter your information. Once you submit your proposal, sign our contract, and apply your first payment, you are officially booked! A team member will then reach out within 48 hrs to confirm your start date and outline the onboarding process. 

+ how do i reserve my start date?

Our website implementation package allows for three rounds of revisions. All of your revisions and edits will be entered into a feedback form to ensure that no details are missed. If you need more, we offer additional rounds for $50 per round! 


Absolutely! Once your site is launch-ready, we will work with the Showit support team will point your existing domain to your new site for you! You can even transfer your Squarespace domain to Showit, so nothing to worry about there! if you do not yet have a domain, we recommend either Go Daddy or Google Domains to register / purchase one before the start of your project. 

+ can i use my existing domain?

Our website template implementation package starts at $2,500 and includes a 10-page Showit site, copywriting prompt guide, launch assistance, & post-launch resources / support. You can add on a la carte template pages inside the project proposal. Our single page website template implementation package starts at $1,500! 


While we do not offer copywriting as part of our services, all of our website projects do come with a copywriting prompt guide to assist you with crafting your messaging. This resource will also include helpful SEO tips, helpful blogs on copywriting, etc. 


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“TIQUE Not only delivers... they go above and beyond”

Y'all owning a business is hard. The daily list of things to do grows exponentially. I really tried to take a step back and work smarter, not harder this year. I learned long ago that outsourcing those little projects that eat away at you daily is worth it... what I didn't know is that outsourcing my workflow build, my emails, and systems would be the most rewarding decision!

“TIQUE has been a game-changer for our company”

These ladies have created everything we didn't realize we needed from the first intake form forward... 2021 taught me the importance of outsourcing to free up headspace wherever I can and this has by far been the best investment. Robin and Jen - THANK YOU for giving us something to be proud of and a company to stand behind again. 2020 rocked my confidence pretty hard to with all the uncertainty and this small investment has brought us back stronger than ever. 

“TIQUE Made Us Stand Out In A Very Competitive Market”

From their templates, photos, fonts, colors; everything is beautiful! I love that they literally thought out every possible communication you may need to have with a client, and formatted it into beautiful words for you to just send along. I also love the workflow portion. It is very helpful in making sure nothing is missed.

"They have basically helped build my brand from the ground up"

I am just so grateful that Jennifer and Robin came into my life RIGHT when I needed them most. They have basically helped build my brand from the ground up and I couldn't admire and respect two people in the industry more. Their work is flawless and they put up with every single stupid question I ask. Without a hesitation, I would recommend them (and have been) to anyone who could possibly use their services. I can't wait to work with them on eve more future projects with them. Thank you again ladies!

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