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new agent training bundle

Growing your team is exciting, although it can come with its own challenges, especially if you don't have a solid training program in place. But where do you start?

 We have compiled templates for 10 modules that outline everything from a general introduction to the industry all the way through goal setting. These editable templates allow you to fill in each module's outline with your agency's philosophy and approach.

new agent training bundle

investment: $250

With a background in recruitment and leadership training, the 'TIQUE team is confident in creating syllabi for successful on-boarding. After converting that Human Resources background into a career in travel, it was a natural progression to create a multi-module training program.

It occurred to us that many other agencies may not know where to start (or simply don't have the time). In realizing this, we thought we'd make it simple. We created a 10-module outline for agency owners to customize the messaging and delivery to their team. This program comes as a skeleton to guide facilitators through an easy and seamless training structure.

10 modules outlining various topics

customizable canva presentation to edit with your branding & processes 

corresponding training worksheets

reference templates 

files provided via pdf & canva link to easily customize for your business

All presentations and worksheets are completely customizable. Since the presentations are simply an outline, they are meant to be completed by the training facilitator with the appropriate company information, philosophy, and process. It is suggested to create a brand kit inside of Canva and then edit the header graphics with your brand colors, font suite, and logo. 

The 10 modules are broken out into topics. To name a few: travel industry structure & terminology, life cycle of a booking, sales vs. marketing, finding your niche, maximizing on profit, taxes & liability, and goal setting.

Key points are noted in each module/topic to ensure that the facilitator is thorough in their training.

Worksheets are created to ensure that there is accountability of learning throughout each module. All worksheets correspond with the topics covered in the respective modules. 

All presentations are accessed through a link to Canva. It is suggested to create a brand kit inside of Canva and then edit the header graphics with your brand colors, font suite, and logo. 

All presentations can be downloaded as a PDF and distributed to the new agents for reference during the training. 

'TIQUE made us stand out in a very competitive market! From their templates, photos, fonts, colors; everything is beautiful. I love that they've literally thought out every possible communication you may need to have with a client, and formatted it into beautiful words for you to just send along! I also love the workflow portion. It is very helpful in making sure nothing is missed.

Yall, owning your own business is HARD. The daily list of things to do grows exponentially. I really tried to take a step back and work smarter, not harder this year. I learned long ago that outsourcing those little projects that eat away at you daily is worth it...what I didn't know is that outsourcing my workflow build, my emails, and my systems would be the most rewarding decision! Tique not only delivers...they go over and above and that means the world.

Is it silly to say that my new workflow moved me to tears?! Over the last ten months, I have dumped so much time, money, and effort into preparing for travel's return, and I can honestly say that this was the best money I've spent. I love the customization, the ease, and HOW MUCH it takes off of my shoulders. You just demolished a huge to do list I've been avoiding and I can't thank you enough! The workflow is perfect and I know it's going to up my client relation game without adding to my already crowded to do list!

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