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Workflow Bundle

This bundle was born from the philosophy, "work smarter not harder." While not every system allows for automation, almost every email platform provides an option to create canned email templates. This was designed based on Traveljoy functionality, but can be applied to different CRM systems and email platforms. 

With emails, forms, client terms and conditions, a COVID waiver, and brandable header graphics, this package is perfect to create a comprehensive systems workflow. 

emails & workflow bundle

investment: $250

What do (or should) all bookings have in common? Their lifecycle. So why re-type the same things over and over again?

With canned email templates and integrated form links, you can capture important information, relevant signatures for your terms and conditions, insurance selections, and manage expectations all while saving you time and ensuring that no step is missed. Consistency creates trust and trust creates loyal clients. After all, isn't that what we are all working for?

complete workflow checklist 

35 canned emails for each step of the client lifecycle

15 sample forms to integrate into your client workflow

customizable email header graphics

covid waiver verbiage for client profile form

files provided via pdf & canva link to easily customize for your business

Our bundle includes 35 canned emails. An overview of those included are:
- Initial inquiry outreach & follow up
- Intake call scheduler & follow up
- Recap of intake & proposal template
- Proposal follow up emails 
- Booking & payment instructions
- Pre-travel documents & wrap up template
- Check-in touchpoints (90 day, 45 day, 24 hour, arrival date, 6 months post-travel)
- Cancellation and adjustment requests
- Booking, cancellation, and itinerary adjustment confirmations
- Flight change notification & flight detail request
- Important date communications (passport expiring, birthday wishes, and anniversary congratulations)

Don't worry! Although the TravelJoy key on the documents may not be relevant for you, you can still implement email templates in your email account.

 Gmail allows for templates to be utilized and the emails could have hyperlinks that sync to your form capture system (Formstack, Jotform, etc.). 

This bundle is designed for TravelJoy. However, the canned emails, form questions, task lists, and client experience checklist can be easily implemented and applied on across multiple CRM platforms.

TravelJoy allows for emails, forms and task lists to be shared across an organization once implemented by one user in an organization.

We recommend that the administrator archive all TravelJoy templates and input the new workflow. Once everything is edited to match the company branding and processes, the administrator can select to "share template with team members." 

After this is done, each team member can accept the template and "pull in" to their workflow. 

It should be noted that current TravelJoy functionality does not automatically update shared templates after they have been shared to others. 

TravelJoy is the perfect place to implement the workflow checklist. We have even noted on each email which form ties to each correspondence, so that you are ensuring that you are sending each item in a way that properly captures or communicates what you wish. 

If you would like assistance in implementing your workflow, you can check out our Sidekick package by clicking HERE

All of our header graphics are completely customizable in Canva.

We suggest that you first create or upload your business's brand kit into Canva. Then you can easily edit the header graphics with your brand colors, font suite, and logos! 

Yes- However, it is imperative to seek legal counsel to review the agreements to ensure that it fits the needs of the purchasing organization.

'TIQUE HQ takes no legal responsibility for any claims or lawsuits as a result of any aspects of the included contract. Each state has their own regulations and requirements, and the included items should be reviewed for use in the appropriate company location.  

Our standard workflow bundle is based on a general FIT booking. However, we do offer workflow implementation services to add on specific niches.

You can opt to either work with us on a custom workflow implementation, or you can edit the standard workflow after implementation to make sure that the emails match how your brand's "voice."

'TIQUE made us stand out in a very competitive market! From their templates, photos, fonts, colors; everything is beautiful. I love that they've literally thought out every possible communication you may need to have with a client, and formatted it into beautiful words for you to just send along! I also love the workflow portion. It is very helpful in making sure nothing is missed.

Yall, owning your own business is HARD. The daily list of things to do grows exponentially. I really tried to take a step back and work smarter, not harder this year. I learned long ago that outsourcing those little projects that eat away at you daily is worth it...what I didn't know is that outsourcing my workflow build, my emails, and my systems would be the most rewarding decision! Tique not only delivers...they go over and above and that means the world.

Is it silly to say that my new workflow moved me to tears?! Over the last ten months, I have dumped so much time, money, and effort into preparing for travel's return, and I can honestly say that this was the best money I've spent. I love the customization, the ease, and HOW MUCH it takes off of my shoulders. You just demolished a huge to do list I've been avoiding and I can't thank you enough! The workflow is perfect and I know it's going to up my client relation game without adding to my already crowded to do list!

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