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A collaborative membership platform created for the travel entrepreneur who wants a community where they can find actionable strategies, industry secrets, and no-fluff business trainings to help grow their bottom line. 

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After two years of body blows, it's finally our time to bounce back & regain control of our business.


Have you ever felt confused and overwhelmed by the travel industry? Do you just wish you had someone to guide you in the right direction? Are you exhausted from constantly burning the midnight oil and not feeling the fruits of your labor?

If so, you have found your people! We created Niche because we felt overwhelmed and tired of always having to fail until we succeeded. We wanted a safe space to cultivate a community over competition mindset with other reputable leaders in our industry. Let's all stop treading water and start creating the business you dreamed of when you first filed for that LLC!

Niche is an expert-led masterclass series & supportive community where travel business owners can grow together.

stop feeling stuck in your business!

It is time to stop investing in memberships that either don't apply to the travel industry or don't help your bottom line. Niche has exclusive content, helpful resources, and added bonus's that are all created to help streamline, automate, or grow your travel business. 

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Are you ready to harness your true power as CEO?

does any of this sound familiar?

You started your travel business only to feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused by all of the nuances of the industry.

You are a member of all these travel advisor groups on Facebook but don't feel like they give you a true sense of community.

You love planning and selling travel, but the behind-the-scenes work of running a small business leave you feeling confused and defeated.

You have invested in multiple masterclasses and online trainings, but need accountability afterwards to actually implement all of your new ideas.

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You Don't need another business band-aid or quick fix...

you need resources & trainings from experts in their fields

All those fluffy trainings that leave you confused or the resources that aren't actually helpful - we are saying hard stop! Every single piece of content that we put into this platform will provide you with the answers that we were always looking for when starting our travel business. 

you need action items & a clear plan

You took a training and complete it feeling fired up and inspired by the message. But what comes next? How do you take the information and apply it to your business? We are here to ensure all trainings and resources have clear with actionable next steps. 

you need a community who can laugh, cry, and grow alongside you 

This is not a huge Facebook group full of strangers that you can quickly get lost in. This is an intentional platform where you can see conversations organized by topic, connect with individual members who share your speciality, and have a place to feel seen and supported! 

To Foster a community Where Like-Minded Travel Advisors can connect, inspire, and grow. Together.

our mission is simple...

All the content you need with none of the BS that you don't. This community is exclusively built for travel advisors. Niche is a safe space where agents in all seasons of business can come together to grow and connect.

so what's included in this membership?

Running a travel business is hard. But it doesn't have to feel lonely!

mini trainings

Mini Trainings on topics like email marketing, Brand Strategy, lead generation, & more! 

These monthly trainings are designed with a "no BS" approach. Our goal is to cover a topic that related directly to your travel business. We will provide tangible takeaways so that you know exactly what to do with your new knowledge! All recordings will be uploaded and organized in our member's course portal.

supplier webinars

stay up to date on the latest travel trends & network with dMCs through weekly supplier "coffee chats".

Each week we will be connecting our members with a new supplier who will educate them on their services, inform them on how to best work together, and answer any questions in an inviting informal chat. Can't make the weekly "coffee chat"? No worries! All recordings will be uploaded into our portal and organized so that you can quickly refer to it in the future when a client has a need.

resource library

Access our Robust collection of done-for-you templates and Business resources.

Things we hate: the resource that feels like it's more work than it is reward. Our resource library will be constantly updated with templates, FAM opportunities,  workbooks, checklists, and so much more!

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A Safe Place To Connect With & Learn From Fellow Travel Advisors In Our Exclusive Membership Portal!

Stay engaged and inspired by our community channels and topics, monthly virtual happy hours, and weekly polls to keep the ideas flowing. You will also be able to find and connect with advisors who share the speciality as you! We want Niche to feel more intimate and inclusive than just another Facebook group everyone is apart of.

We are covering the topics you care about as a small business owner... such as

brand strategy

social media

email marketing

small business finance

sales tactics

entreprenuer mindset


systems & operations

goal setting

and so much more...

Pick Your Plan.

Are you tired of paying into business memberships that either don't apply to the travel industry, or don't help your bottom line? Our memberships are stuffed with exclusive content, helpful resources, and added bonus's. Plans start at just $19 a month.

The Premium Membership

$99 mo/$999 yr

$700+ monthly value

Perfect for the travel advisor who is committed to furthering their education and really loves our Destination Series masterclasses!

+ Access To Exclusive Niche Community Platform & Community Channels

+ Live Mini trainings with the TIQUE team

+ Access to past trainings & resources library

+ Weekly supplier "coffee chats"

+ Access to exclusive Premium niche community channel (includes exclusive channels for leads swapping, FAM opportunities, etc.)

+ Access to Premium resources library

+ Monthly guest expert trainings

+ Free enrollment in future Destination Series trainings & access to all previous recordings 

+ 10% discount on TIQUE shop items

+ Access to exclusive VIP menu of TIQUE services

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The Basic Membership

$19 mo/$220 yr

Best for the travel advisor who is craving a sense of community, and is ready to prioritize the growth of their business!

$250+ monthly value

+ Access To Exclusive Niche Community Platform & Community Channels

+ Live Mini trainings with the TIQUE team

+ Access to past trainings & resources library

+ Weekly supplier "coffee chats"

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After all the struggles & lost income of the past two years, what if this was the year that you *finally* commit to:

Cultivating a network of travel business BFF's who hold you accountable and care about your success. 

Feeling more balanced, inspired, and aligned with the travel business you always hoped to create. 

Creating more sustainable business systems & processes that actually help your bottom line.

Learning actionable business tips from experts both inside and outside of the travel industry.

Having as much fun working on your business as you do outside of your business.

I am in!

You have questions? We have answers!

will i be able to join niche at any time?

Yes, you can! However, our one month free offer is only good for founding members who join in November. 

can I adjust my membership after I enroll?

Of course! You will be able to either upgrade or downgrade your membership inside of your Mighty Networks portal. However, refunds will not be provided for pre-paid/annual memberships.

are these guest expert trainings live?

Yes! All guest expert trainings will be uploaded as an event in your member portal with the date, time, and Zoom link for you to attend. 

is there a iphone app?

There absolutely is. You can stay up to date with the discussions in the platform, upcoming events, and announcements by downloading the Mighty Networks app in the app store. 

do you offer deals for agency owners?

We do! If you are an agency owner who would like to enroll with 5+ agents into our community, please email for more details about our agency discount rates. Agency owners will also have access to an exclusive agency channel inside our platform.

how do i manage my notifications?

In your member portal, click Settings > Notifications. There you will be able to adjust the type and frequency of notifications you receive. 

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