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an interactive membership For travel advisors Wanting the community, education, & Support to grow their business.

Running a successful travel business is hard! But it doesn't have to also feel lonely.

When we launched our travel business years ago, we quickly joined all of the travel advisor Facebook groups we can find trying to source destination insights, ask for honest business advice, and connect with other business owners who actually understood the industry.

But what we got was a lot of conflicting advice and unaligned business philosophies that left us more overwhelmed and confused. And let’s face it, when it comes to free business advice… You get what you pay for!

here's the problem...

Feeling alone & isolated inside of your business because you work remotely or for yourself.

Working long hours inside of your travel business, instead of on your travel business!

Conflicting advice from various advisors who don’t share your business values or philosophy.

What if there was a better way to do business?

Instead of constantly spinning your wheels in “grind” mode, what if you had the tools & support you needed to feel more… 

Confident in your systems & processes.

Excited about the types of clients and trips you were booking.

Motivated by the group of advisors that you surround yourself with.

Inspired to continue working towards your audacious business goals.

Balanced and able to properly juggle your business & personal life.

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We are TIQUE

The team behind all of the beautiful resources & trainings inside of our Niche community.

We are kind of obsessed with the travel industry and helping advisors find better ways to grow & scale their travel business.

With a combined 10+ years in the travel industry, we have been where you are! We got tired of the "you have to fail before you succeed" narrative in the industry so we built Niche to be the supportive & educational community that we wanted as we were growing our multi-million dollar travel business.

Our goal is to peel back the metaphorical curtain on business with interactive trainings, community roundtables, and done-for-your style resources designed to boost your bottom line.

"This Is Saving Me So Much Time Allowing Me To Focus On Providing Great Service To New & Existing Clients."

Thank you for all you do for the community! The luxury space is a newish one for me. I still feel like a newbie but with the help of your community, I've learned so much and it's increased my confidence as well. 

Brenda Otto, SunRay Travel

You're in the right place!

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The Niche Community

Whether you are brand new to the industry or you've owned your travel agency for years

An interactive community membership for travel advisors wanting to grow their business.

Our Niche membership comes with a robust library of digital resources to help you streamline your business operations, exclusive trainings that help you maximize your efforts, and community events that will connect you to advisors around the world.

let's talk about what's included...

This private, better-then-Facebook community is hosted inside of Mighty Networks and will quickly become your favorite place to hang out, learn, & connect with travel advisors around the world. 

A Private Digital Community

Our library of digital resources and templates are updated on a quarterly basis so that our members are always getting access to fresh, new, and inspired content that will help your bottom line! 

Revolving library of Resources 

We have made our mark on the travel world through our information-packed business trainings, and Niche is your first class ticket to monthly trainings with our team! Trainings topics will vary from things like client experience to branding to hiring/growth!

Monthly Trainings with TIQUE

Each month we host a Community Roundtable Event for advisors to get together and share advice, give recommendations, & learn from other advisors in the industry!

Monthly Community Events

Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors
Community For Travel Advisors

a community exclusive for travel advisors

The Niche Community App

Let's face it... Facebook is great for swapping family pictures or keeping up with old friends. But when it comes to business advice and networking, you need (deserve) more. Niche is hosted inside of an exclusive Mighty Network community that features:

facebook-style activity feed

calendar of upcoming trainings & events

browse past conversations by topic

member interaction with polls & questions

"I am shocked at how much I open the Niche app. I watch old trainings when I'm doing dishes, etc. I love the happy hours to meet & talk with the founders & other members!""

ryan corrigan, corrigan & Co. luxury travel outfitters

You're just plain not ready to join a membership community at this time. And that's OK.

You're not willing to make your travel business a priority at this point in time. 

You don't have any time in your schedule to fully utilize everything in the membership.

You don't struggle with community or have a need to elevate your business. 

It's NOT for you if:

You want access to exciting new resources, templates, and trainings by the TIQUE team.

You are ready to take your travel business to the next level but aren't sure where to start.

You are committed to not just working in your business, but on your business. 

You are craving a sense of community & accountability within the travel industry.

It IS for you if:

Sounds great... But is Niche a fit for YOU?

things we hate:

Trainings that leave us unfulfilled & Uninspired 

That is why we leave the “fluffy” stuff to the other membership groups and get right to the good stuff. Each month we are covering topics you care about like:

Marketing strategies that will grow & nurture your email list

Best practices & systems that will save you hours of time 

Tailoring your emails & forms to match your target audience 

Optimizing your business & team with SOPs

For just $35 per month, you will have access to everything you need to actually move the needle in your business.

revolving library of business resources & templates

monthly business trainings with the tique team

collaborative & supportive travel community 

better-than-facebook community platform

You deserve a supportive community of travel advisors who take their business as seriously as you do.

We're so confident that you'll LOVE our community that we're giving you SEVEN (7) FREE DAYS to explore the platform before committing! Because here's the thing... we can tell you all about why that this membership is well worth the price point, but why tell you when we can show you?

7 day free trial offer

take advantage of our risk-free

Niche is a collaborative, monthly membership created for the travel entrepreneur currently craving a community filled with actionable strategies, industry secrets, and no-fluff business trainings to help grow their bottom line. Are you ready to finally feel in control of your business? Join the community and get instant access to…

Access to our membership platform & community

Monthly business-related trainings hosted by TIQUE

Monthly roundtable events for community members 

A revolving resource library that’s updated quarterly

Access to exclusive bonus training series 

ready to join the community?


+ Instant access to the community
+ Membership auto-enrolls monthly
+ All prices listed in USD

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Answers to your questions...

we are waiting for you inside

The Niche Community


Yes, you can! We are always excited to welcome new members into Niche. Similarly, our members are able to cancel their memberships at any time.

if this community isn't on facebook, what platform is it on?

Our Niche community is hosted inside of a private Mighty Networks. This platform looks very similar to Facebook but allows us to keep our membership more private than it would be on a regular Facebook page. This platform also comes with an iPhone app so you are able to take Niche with you on the go! 

I'm a new travel advisor. Would niche be beneficial to me?

Absolutely! Niche is everything that we wish we had access to when we first started our travel business. Once inside you will have access to the newest templates & resources, informative business trainings, community brainstorming events, and a supportive group of advisors of all experience levels!  

can I get a refund if i decide the membership in't for me?

Due to the instant access to all of our trainings, resources, and community, we are unable to offer refunds at this time. However, members are always free to cancel their membership at any point of time should they feel it is not a fit for their goals! 

Let's Build a business you don't

need a vacation from!

Join our Niche community and unlock the secrets to growing your business with a supportive group of like-minded travel advisors!

Check out our community calendar

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your level of success in attaining the results from using our products, services, membership, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas and techniques used, your preexisting knowledge, your team of support or employees, various skills, business savvy, network, and financial situation. While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, earnings and income statements made by TIQUE HQ, LLC and its advertisers / sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. Review the course terms & conditions.

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