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For the advisor ready to close more sales & boost their revenue with confidence.

Whether you’re 5 minutes or 5 years into your role of travel advisor and business owner, we probably don’t have to tell you about the many hats you need to wear to keep everything running smoothly… public relations specialist, appointment setter, marketing expert, and more. And that list is only scratching the surface of what you manage on a daily basis (insert maniacal laughing here).

It may feel impossible to keep it all moving when the list keeps growing and your responsibilities keep expanding, but there’s good news. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to feel like you’re always in a state of fight or flight? What if we told you that the key to unlocking a profitable business is understanding sales from a holistic viewpoint, and that everything flows from there? Would you believe us?

To build a profitable and sustainable travel business, you need a fully flushed out sales plan to ensure you are constantly fueling your business with enough revenue! Regardless of how you feel about sales as a small business owner… It is what rules the success of your business, so why not harness the power of a solid sales strategy so you can switch to thriving instead of (barely) surviving?

Listen, we get it! Sales can feel a little weird.

raise your hand if this sounds familiar...

You have a steady flow of leads coming in, but you are constantly questioning if they're the right client for your long-term goals or if they are your right client at all.

You commonly get asked about "recommendations" from friends and family but don't know how to convert them to loyal clients who are paying your service fee.

You have an influx of income from "revenge travel" clients but don't know how much you're actually going to profit at the end of the year or how much each client is worth to you.

You feel confident in your travel planning skills, but you don't feel like you've taken the time to craft your story, create a real sales pitch, or understand the buyer's journey enough to get a "yes" from the RIGHT clients

Here's the thing... We Know that you're great at planning, but selling Is a different story.

the good news? it doesn't have to be!

If we had to guess, we'd probably say that you didn't become a travel advisor because of your overwhelming love of sales. And if we had to guess again, we would probably wager that your training didn't include a deep-dive into the psychology of appealing to your target audience, but focused more on systems and the client experience. 

Now that you're "in it" you realize that there is a lot more to owning your own business than beautiful itineraries and midnight emergencies. To get the right clients, you need to know how to speak to them and understand what will motivate them to work with you specifically. 

the word sales isn't "cringe-worthy" or a curse word. you can lean into your sales superpower by embracing your brand story. 

For every business that brings in money (hint: all of them) there must be someone who is selling the products. So why is it that the word sales is "taboo" or downright terrifying to some advisors? 

Creating a profitable service suite that you can stand behind and learning how to share your story as part of your pitch allows you to create connections, showcase your value, and overcome common sales stigmas. As a travel advisor, you are the product and providing a service to those who can benefit from it makes you the hero, not the villian!


Seven Figure Sales

A proven framework for pricing your services for profit, crafting your sales pitch, and executing any sales call with confidence!

module one: creating your service suite

Before you can sell your offer, it needs to be created! This module will help you create your service suite and create pricing that matches your desired income.

+ What Is a Service Suite
+ How To Price Your Services For Profit
+ How To Create A Collection Of Upsells
+ How to Implement Or Raise Fees
+ And more...

Milestone bonus: creative ways to introduce passive income into your travel business

module one

creating your service suite


This lesson is a journey! Learn how to craft a story narrative that leaves your prospects clamoring for more and how to navigate objections organically.

+ The Power Of Storytelling
+ Identifying Your Target Market & Ideal Client
+ Defining Your Value Proposition
+ Structuring & Tailoring Your Sales Pitch To Your Target Audience
+ And more...

MILESTONE BONUS: Enhancing Your Communication Skills To Close More Sales

module two

Crafting & telling your sales story

module three

Mastering the sales process


Once you've set the foundation, you'll learn about the buyers journey and how to capitalize on connection and emotion to close the sale....and SO much more!

+ The Power of Relationship Building
+ Constructing A Successful Sales Call Framework
+ Managing Expectations, Communicating Boundaries & Navigating Red Flags
+ Creating Your Referral Program
+ And more...

MILESTONE BONUS: What Is A Video Sales Letter & How You Can Incorporate It Into Your Business

seven figues sales includes:

3 Hyper-Focused Video Modules

This 3 module course includes 28 pre-recorded lessons to help you take action.

Downloadable Templates

5 done-for-you style templates, workbooks, and spreadsheets to help you implement the content.

Milestone Lessons & Resources

Access to additional lessons and course resources as you work your way through the modules.

Every module is power-packed with relevant resources, including templates, spreadsheets, guides, and more!

This is for you if:

you want more control over your income

you want to leverage psychology in selling

you're ready to crush your sales goals

you're not in a sales-focused role

you don't want to put in the work

This is probably not for you if...

you don't want to make more money

hi, we are robin & Jen!

and Together we launched a business, built a community, & Scaled an Itinerary Creation Business Into A Multi-Million Dollar Travel Agency...

On an average work day, you can find us supporting our growing team, growing the two branches of our existing business, or plotting our next big service launch. By combining our expertise in sales, recruiting, & psychology, we have created a sustainable system to attract our target audience and serve that audience through a robust service suite!

and we want to show you how!

Scaling a travel business and building a team is no small feat. After some serious trial and error, we worked to get in front our ideal client (you!), share our passions, and leverage relationships to grow a booming business as subject matter experts in the travel industry.

Think of this program as an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our business. We are dishing out all of the "what we wish we'd known" tips and done-for-you resources so that you can walk away with a plan to convert your dream client to a brand loyalist!

SFS includes everything You Need

 to Build a successful Travel Business.

We don't believe in fluffy trainings that leave you more confused than when you started. This course includes in depth instruction and access to plug-and-play templates so that we can ensure you walk away with both confidence and clarity in your sales process.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your level of success in attaining the results from using our products, services, and information depends on, but is not limited to, the time you devote to the program(s) and courses, ideas and techniques used, your preexisting knowledge, your team of support or employees, various skills, business savvy, network, and financial situation. While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, earnings and income statements made by TIQUE HQ, LLC and its advertisers / sponsors are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. 

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