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For the travel advisor who prefers To do it themselves

We know that not everyone is ready to invest in a fully custom solution for their business. Which is why we have packaged our expertise into a suite of courses that will teach you how to build the business of your dreams, step-by-step.

Our Programs

It’s kind of like business school for travel advisors, but without the sad desks & horrible lighting. So pull up a seat with your favorite beverage (or three) and let’s build that dream business, together!

the elevated experience workflow

Previously known as the Standard Client Experience Workflow, this remastered program is part template, part course that will give you everything you need to implement, test, & launch your new workflow quickly. 

Your behind-the-scenes, exclusive playbook for growing a team that will help you strategically scale your travel business from stressed out solopreneur to self-assured CEO. 

Seven Figure Sales

A proven framework for pricing your services for profit, crafting your sales pitch, and executing any sales call with confidence! This self-paced program is perfect for the advisor ready to say goodbye to sales uncertainty. 

free masterclass

Preparing Your Business For Growth

We have all heard the saying… if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Inside of this free workshop, we will define your business’s “North Star” and help create your 1-3 year roadmap for massive success in your travel business. 

What they're saying

The materials themselves are of amazing quality.

I think the word "investing" describes the program perfectly. It's a true investment. The materials themselves are of amazing quality. The course helps new advisors better understand the way TravelJoy works and how the materials can be adapted to best fit your business. My advice is 100% to do it! 

— Dianna Hetzel, Mer Bleue

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Our collection of tried-and-true templates & resources designed to help elevate your travel business

preparing your business for growth masterclass

The defining your dream client guide

five free canned
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we do *not* believe in:

Competition, Quick Fixes, band-aids for your business, unscheduled phone calls, or uninspiring work.

we do believe in:

Straight talk, actual strategy, community, short emails, & Real business boundaries.

If that sounds like your style, then we are your kind of business partner. Check out our suite of done-with-you templates and programs!

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