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Specializing in creating magnetic brand experiences for travel advisors, we’re the go-to studio you need to attract more of your dream clients so that you can boost your bottom line and build a business that you love.

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After helping hundreds of travel advisors grow their travel business, we found that there are four crucial pieces of the puzzle that will help to skyrocket your success. We call these puzzle pieces your “Core Four”.


Your brand strategy is the foundation of your profitable travel business. This is where we will identify your mission, vision, values, ideal client, competitive advantage, unique value proposition, and areas of opportunity.



A magnetic client experience means that you infuse opportunities for surprise and delight with your travel clients that transform your clients from transactional relationships into superfans of your brand.


A strong brand is one that visually communicates your brand values and attracts the right type of client. We will ensure that your brand looks the part because, let’s face it, we DO judge a book by it’s cover.


Now that your strategy, experience, and identity is aligned and optimized, we will work together to create a marketing plan that flexes your authority in the travel space to become top of mind with clients. 




do-it-yourself courses & templates

It’s kind of like business school for travel advisors, but without the sad desks & horrible lighting. So pull up a seat with your favorite beverage (or three) and let’s build that dream business, together!

done-for-you services

Applying years of experience & industry knowledge to create an intentional & high-touch brand experience that turn your clients from transactional relationships into raving fans. 

We built a multi-million dollar travel agency & now we want to help you achieve your wildest business goals!

With a vision to make the travel industry more transparent and accessible, founders Robin & Jen launched TIQUE in 2020 to serve ambitious travel advisors and agency owners craving authentic and genuine support in launching a travel business built on strategy and boundaries.

After partnering with hundreds of travel professionals from around the world, our team has the knowledge and expertise to create a magnetic brand & client experience that sets your apart and resonates with your dream clients. 

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free masterclass

Preparing Your Business For Growth

We have all heard the saying… if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Inside of this free workshop, we will define your business’s “North Star” and help create your 1-3 year roadmap for massive success in your travel business. 

What they're saying

"TIQUE Not Only Delivers... They Go Over And Above"

Y'all owning a business is HARD! The daily list of things to do grows exponentially. I really tried to take a step back and work smarter not harder this year... TIQUE not only delivers... They go over and above, and that means the world.

— Chelsee McClintock, Anywhere Everywhere Travel

it’s a wonderful feeling to receive compliments on my branding from clients and advisor colleagues."

As someone who knows what they want, but often has a difficult time formulating those more creative thoughts into words, TIQUE and Amandolin were the perfect team to collaborate with! Amandolin took all my half-formulated ideas and really nailed down the exact vibe and aesthetic I was going for. What often felt like a daunting process was always made easier by her “can and will do” attitude... While I couldn’t be happier with the final product, it’s a wonderful feeling to receive compliments on my branding from clients and advisor colleagues.

— Katy Hentenaar, Coveted Journeys

“There is, unequivocally, nothing that has been more valuable to the growth of my business...”

There is, unequivocally, nothing that has been more valuable to the growth of my business (and my sanity) than TIQUE's workflow (services)! It is worth every penny! As a result of implementing this new workflow I am closing more business, getting more done, eliminating inquiries that are not a good fit, and constantly getting compliments on my professionalism.

— Heidi Theis, Benvenuto Travel

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Straight talk, actual strategy, community, short emails, & Real business boundaries.

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