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It’s no secret that planning a trip involves numerous details, making it easy for small things to fall through the cracks, potentially impacting the overall client experience. This blog post walks through how to audit a trip before traveling to minimize the risk of errors and oversight.

When Should You Audit The Itinerary?

Auditing a trip at four key points ensures a seamless client experience. First, at the point of deposit, verify that all details match the proposal and the client’s profile. About 45 days prior, double-check passport details to avoid last-minute issues. At the 30-day mark, audit concierge details to address any potential problems. Finally, before sending wrap-up documents, perform a final audit to ensure alignment with the initial booking and client expectations. These checkpoints help minimize errors and create a stress-free travel experience.

What Aspects Of The Itinerary Should Be Audited

To conduct a thorough itinerary audit, travel advisors should meticulously check various aspects. This includes confirming entry requirements for the destination, ensuring the latest supplier documents are uploaded, verifying transportation details, checking transfer information in the Travefy platform, cross-referencing locations and times, listing excursion details, uploading excursion tickets, distinguishing confirmed items from suggestions, and confirming all meal reservations with uploaded confirmations and addresses. This comprehensive audit process ensures accuracy and minimizes errors in the itinerary, enhancing the overall travel experience for clients.

Flight Details To Audit

When auditing flight details, it’s crucial to ensure that seat assignments are accurate and that the client understands their role in seat selection. Additionally, loyalty numbers should be added to the airline website, and TSA and known traveler numbers must be correctly reflected. Lastly, it’s essential to confirm that the passenger’s gender, birthday, and name spelling on the booking are all correct. These measures help prevent potential issues and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Ensure That You’ve Contacted The Hotel Before Arrival

To prepare a hotel for a client’s arrival, create a welcome package addressed to the GM, sales representative, or concierge, including a welcome letter with details such as the estimated arrival time, dates of stay, guest names, occasion, room category, consortium affiliation, and any client-specific information to enhance their stay. Attach the client’s itinerary, noting any special requests like dining reservations or transfer assistance. Additionally, if applicable, log the hotel in the rewards system to ensure the client receives any eligible benefits or rewards during their stay. This comprehensive approach helps hotels provide personalized and seamless service to their guests.

Auditing The BackOffice Aspects Of A Booking

To audit the backend of a booking, follow these steps: Ensure that commission details, including the booking date and expected collection, are accurately logged. Verify that all travelers have active passports with sufficient validity before expiration. Confirm that all client-provided information, whether through forms or uploads, is properly recorded in Travefy. Ensure that task lists have been imported and automation applied where necessary. Make sure the client’s insurance selection is noted, and a corresponding quote has been provided. Finally, review invoices to ensure they are itemized, including inclusions and exclusions, and have been updated with the most recent pricing. This comprehensive audit process helps ensure accuracy and completeness in the booking process.

If you’re looking to get our auditing checklist, check out our resource library in the Niche Community!

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