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we scaled a simple itinerary creation business into a multi-million dollar independent travel agency... and now we want to help you grow the travel business of your dreams!

Do you love the travel industry but think that it is overdue for a facelift? Are you tired of your business running you instead of you running your business? Do you feel like online templates, coaches, and business resources all cater to every other niche market except travel advisors? If so, you found your people my friend! We are 'TIQUE - a small, but mighty, force of nature with a combined 10 years in the travel industry. 

say hello to your new travel business cheerleaders!

With Jennifer's background in Human Resources and Robin's corporate Marketing experience, we have scaled a small itinerary creation company into a multi-million dollar independent travel agency in less than five years… and now we are ready to dish out all the secrets to help you grow your dream business too! Because when your business succeeds, the whole travel industry succeeds alongside of you! 

Robin Brown

co-founder, ceo, and the eye behind all things pretty & design.

Jennifer Jacob

co-founder, COO, and the brain behind anything workflow related.

co-founder, ceo

Robin is the CEO and Creative Director of ‘TIQUE. She joined the Explorateur Travel team in 2016 where she managed all social media efforts and content creation. In 2018, Robin left her corporate career in marketing and sales to start booking travel full time. 

With her background in marketing, Robin helped Jennifer grow their small team of two into to a full service independent travel agency. She loves learning new CRMs, fine tuning the client experience process, and learning as much as possible about digital design and social media strategy. 

Robin Brown

things I am into:

Madeline Moves workouts, perfecting yummy recipes, taking my English bulldog Nash on evening walks, and binging the latest documentary!

Things I am inspired by:

Travel, time spent off social media, gardening, long phone calls with my family or friends, early morning sunrises at the beach

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co-founder, coo

Jennifer founded Explorateur Travel in 2015, where she originally focused on strictly itinerary creation. 

Since then, Explorateur became a full service independent travel agency, started a 10-week training program for new agents, got its own IATA, transitioned CRM software, and experienced all struggles of balancing a full book of business while working ON the business. Thankfully she thought to herself….”there has to be an easier way!” So Robin and Jen joined forces (once again) and created the easier way: ‘TIQUE! 

Jennifer Jacob

things I am into:

Red wine, geeking out over bucket list properties, plotting my next getaway, a Hallmark movie paired with cozy sweatpants 

Things I am inspired by:

Clean spaces with scented candles, a long “thinking” shower, time by myself with a good coastal view

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piazza in italy

favorite travel accessory

trtl neck pillow

extra battery pack

cocktail of choice

spicy margarita

slightly dirty gin martini

hidden talent


clucking like a chicken

current obsession

lillie eats & tells cookbook


design style 

clean, editorial

easy-breezy bohemian

guilty pleasure 

afternoon naps

papa john's & hallmark movies

bucket list trip 

south africa safari


starbucks order

grande almond milk latte

grande coconut milk americano hot

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