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One of the most popular requests that we get at Tique is assistance on how to create social media captions. When we inquire about the specific pain-points, it tends to become obvious that people can get stuck on exactly what they should be saying to their audience. Social media and marketing is definitely not a one-size fits all kind of situation.

When deciding on your messaging, you have to be aware, not only of who you are as a brand, but who you are marketing to so that you can provoke the types of emotion that you want from your audience.

What Is Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is an approach to showcasing your value through messaging that connects with the audience and then directs them to the ideal way to consume the product(s). In the context of travel, an advisor can create an emotional response through marketing messages with the intention for leads to be attracted to working with them or encouraging existing clients to return for additional trips.

Why Does Emotional Marketing Work?

The great thing about emotional marketing is that it’s memorable. This kind of content connects to people’s personal experiences, which can elicit a memory. In addition, emotional marketing can create an instant reaction. If that reaction is something the consumer can relate to, they are more likely to engage, remember, and interact with the brand. Lastly, it can help a consumer decide. If two products are similar in price and quality, the consumer is more likely to choose the one that they felt a deeper connection with.

Creating Social Media Content With Emotional Marketing

We highly recommend creating content pillars aligning with a target audience. We believe in the saying “when you talk to everyone, you talk to no one.” For this reason, you will want to create content that is niche-specific and speaks directly to the audience that you want to connect with. What your ideal client wants to hear, will not always align with others who may follow you and that’s okay. For those who are not a match for your niche will either opt-out/unfollow or they’ll understand who you’re talking to and refer you to the right people. The goal here (and always) is quality over quantity!

The Different Type Of Emotional Appeals

Self-Esteem: This is the desire to feel good about ourselves. Everyone wants to feel special. This tactic is super common in the health and wellness industry. One aspect that plays into this, especially for women consumers, is the feeling of needing to be included! It’s natural to want to belong and be accepted by a group.

Authority: Your credibility matters! According to a 2022 study, 85 percent of consumers regularly seek out trusted expert content when considering a purchase.

Happy: These are the commercials and campaigns that promote positive feelings, joy, and happiness. The main premise here is that enthusiasm is contagious.

Sad: We don’t think there is a single person who can hear Sarah McLachlan’s song “In The Arms of The Angel” without picturing an abandoned or homeless animal that needs your help. Using sadness (in appropriate ways) can be a compelling tool to encourage decision-making.

Fear: Fear is a primal emotion that marketers use to motivate a change. As humans, we are designed to avoid unpleasant or upsetting things which is why this is one of the number one motivator for purchasing decisions!

Anger: When properly used in marketing these negative emotions can provoke positive reactions from consumers. One example of this is the Always brand “Like a Girl” campaign that took the demeaning phrase “like a girl” and transformed it into a positive and memorable experience that empowered women!

We hope that, not only did this episode help you understand the capabilities of emotional marketing, but helped you start to brainstorm ideas that would work for your audience. Leave a comment on how this impacted your marketing strategy!

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