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Building a successful travel advisory business isn’t just about getting bookings—it’s about attracting the right clients and nurturing those relationships. In this episode, Heather Keller, co-owner and founder of Perfect Landing Travel, shares her insights on finding and attracting ideal clients.

Heather explains how to identify your ideal client, profile them, and engage with your target audience. She offers unique marketing strategies for creating genuine connections with potential clients and emphasizes the importance of understanding their needs and maintaining long-term relationships. Discover how to build credibility and trust with your audience, leading to more referrals and loyal clients!

Identifying Your Ideal Client

A key takeaway from this episode is the importance of identifying your dream client by creating an avatar. This means picturing your ideal client in detail. By doing this, you can ensure every marketing effort is aimed at that one person. Think about their likes, needs, and habits when creating your messages, ads, and content. The more specific you are, the better your marketing will attract clients who are a perfect fit for your services.

Social Media Visibility

Another effective strategy is using social media tactics to attract clients. One way to do this is by recycling supplier content. This lets you share high-quality posts from your partners and suppliers, keeping your story feed lively and informative without creating everything from scratch.

Additionally, posting about recently booked properties or tagging hotels and highlighting that your clients are currently visiting those places showcases your active business. This builds credibility and relationships with partners, and you might catch the eye of other travelers who follow those hotels, gaining potential clients.

Lastly, consistency is key. Regular, scheduled posts help maintain engagement and keep your audience interested and informed, ensuring your social media presence stays strong and relevant.

Educating & Networking

One of the best ways to attract clients without being pushy is by casually talking about travel in everyday conversations. Make sure your conversation feels natural and genuine. Instead of giving a sales pitch, just share interesting travel stories or experiences when the topic comes up naturally in a social setting.

Wearing merchandise from your favorite hotel brands can also catch the eye of travel enthusiasts around you. This subtle approach shows your love for travel and makes you seem friendly and approachable.

By using these simple tactics, you can connect with people who share your interests and might become your clients, all while keeping the conversation fun and relaxed.

Leveraging Referrals From Great Clients

Asking a great existing client for referrals can be a wonderful way to grow your business. When you have a client who embodies your ideal traveler, let them know how much you value them and how they perfectly fit your vision. Approach the topic with genuine appreciation and a personal touch. For example, you could say, “I absolutely loved working with you, and if I had an entire book of business just like you, I’d be thrilled. If you know anyone else who would benefit from working with us, I’d love to help them too.” This approach not only highlights your positive relationship but also encourages them to think of others who might appreciate your services.

Heather shares tons of additional helpful insight in this episode! To learn more, tune in to Episode 83!

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