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Last year, our design services sold out within the first half of the year- which made us think “there HAS to be a way to provide more options to advisors.” We wanted to be able to offer highly custom options for those who need a true bespoke brand experience, as well as a faster and more economical option for those either in a rush or may just be in a season of business where the pocket strings feel a bit tight. So we came up with a solution Semi-Custom branding tailored to travel advisors.

Introducing: Semi-Custom Brands

They are the perfect bridge, a middle ground that combines affordability and individuality. Each quarter we’ll be designing and releasing three new Semi Custom brand concepts. I’ve worked to create brand packages that are on-trend, yet classic. We assure you that once these brand concepts are personalized, no two look the same!

Once you select your favorite and purchase the brand, you’ll meet with our Creative Director for a dedicated design day to personalize your concept. During this time, we customize the concept by inputting your info like your business name and tagline, building your color palette, and working through two rounds of refinements to make sure everything is to your liking. You’ll walk away with a logo suite (main logo, two alternate logos, and three icon logos), color palette, launch graphics to show off your new brand, and a suggested list of fonts – all in a shorter time span and at a lower price point than our Custom Branding Service. 

Now that we’ve given you the rundown, let’s discuss the benefits…


One of the most significant advantages of our Semi-Custom brands is the cost-effectiveness. Our Custom Branding is an investment, especially for smaller or brand new businesses. Semi-Custom Branding provides a budget-friendly alternative, while still yielding a professional brand you’ll be excited to share with the world.

Fast & Efficient

Our Semi-custom Branding projects offer a quicker turnaround compared to our fully custom service. With the pre-designed concepts read to personalize, we can expedite the branding process and launch your revamped identity in a shorter time than it would take for our fully bespoke service.

Personalized & Professional

Our Semi-Custom Brand concepts are not generic or cookie-cutter. Our Creative Director creates these concepts with a keen eye for aesthetics and a focus on timeless design, ensuring that your brand is both professional and stylish. The concept is personalized and tweaked with your information, making it tailored to your business. This approach combines the efficiency of pre-designed concepts with the personal touch needed to create a brand that feels unique.

Our Semi-Custom Brands offer a pragmatic solution, combining the benefits of individuality, efficiency, and affordability. We know this is new- but trust us, you’re going to love them! We’re offering 12 design days for this service per quarter. So that you get a good idea of the potential of each brand kit, check out the mockups and brand transformations on our website HERE and on our IG HERE. Our team is excited to bring Semi-Custom Branding for travel advisors to the community and have the opportunity to help even more of you. We hope to see you on our design calendar soon!

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