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Travefy, a leading platform in the travel industry, has transformed the way travel advisors operate and deliver exceptional service to their clients. Founded by David Chait, Travefy initially started as a consumer group travel planner but pivoted to a comprehensive B2B solution for travel advisors. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Travefy has become a go-to platform for advisors looking to streamline their workflow and provide a top-notch client experience. In this episode, Jennifer and David discuss the innovations that have propelled Travefy to success and discuss its long-term vision for the future, such as the upcoming Marketplace and client portal features.

Who Is David Chait?

David Chait is the founder and CEO of Travefy, an award-winning platform that offers itinerary, proposal, marketing, and client management solutions for travel advisors, helping them save time, impress clients, and boost sales. As an outspoken industry advocate, David serves on the Board of Directors of The Travel Institute and was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017 by the American Society of Travel Advisors. Before founding Travefy, David worked in the Obama Administration on small business economic policy and as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Travefy’s Development Journey

The development of Travefy began with a simple but powerful idea: to make planning travel easier. Originally, the platform was for anyone who wanted to create an itinerary, not just travel advisors. However, in realizing that a large part of their audience became advisors and recognizing the lack of specialized CRM tools in the travel industry, the team behind Travefy focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would be intuitive for both advisors and their clients.

Over time, the platform evolved to include more advanced features such as automated communication and booking integration. User feedback played a crucial role in this process, with the Travefy team continually refining the platform based on real-world needs and experiences.

Notable Features

Itinerary Management: Travefy allows travel advisors to create detailed, visually appealing itineraries. These can include flights, hotels, activities, and more, all presented in an easy-to-read format that clients love. This was their first major feature, and it’s only evolved from there!

Collaborative Planning: Clients can collaborate with their travel advisors in real-time. This means they can suggest changes, approve plans, and stay informed every step of the way. Clients can also post messages in the portal, for in-travel communication.

Booking Integration: Travefy integrates with major booking systems, allowing travel advisors to pull in reservations directly into the CRM. This ensures all travel details are in one place, reducing the risk of errors.

Client Management: In addition to creating visually appealing proposals and itineraries, Travefy can serve as a CRM. This feature allows advisors to send forms, messages, and collect payment authorizations without ever signing into another system.

Websites & Landing Pages: In order to become a one-stop-shop for travel advisors, Travefy created a simple website template that allows advisors without an existing website to create a digital address. They also provide the ability to create landing pages for planning events, such as destination weddings and group trips.

Travefy is transforming the way travel advisors manage their businesses. By offering a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools, it enables advisors to provide better service to their clients while streamlining their own workflows. Under the leadership of David Chait, Travefy continues to innovate and adapt, ensuring it remains at the forefront of travel technology. Whether you’re a travel advisor looking to improve your efficiency or a traveler seeking seamless planning, Travefy is the ultimate companion for your journey.

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