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Q2 is on the horizon which means we are chugging black coffee and getting our marketing plan ready to go – which includes batch planning our social media for the month!

On one hand, batching content literally makes us feel like we have conquered the world while also making us want to rip our hair out. So if you need a little extra push to get that social media all scheduled out this month, we got you! We even broke out the ideas by content style… you are welcome!

But first, let’s make sure that you are really in the head of your ideal client. Grab your favorite notebook and jot down some answers to the following questions…

  1. What questions do you keep getting from clients on discovery calls, in the DMs, etc.?
  2. What myths can you bust about working with a travel advisor?
  3. What motivates or inspires your ideal client to act?
  4. What do they need to know before they work with you?

You are a social media consumer too so make sure to take note of the content & post styles that you most resonate with as well!

Let’s dive in…

30 Content Ideas:

Educational Content Ideas:

  1. Must have apps you use while traveling
  2. Share the seasonal trends travelers should know about your most booked destination (Caribbean: what months are hurricane season, when is “festive”, etc.)
  3. 5 things you learned about your travel niche
  4. List the items to pack in your carry-on vs. checked bag
  5. Bust a widely held myth about travel advisors
  6. What you wish you knew before traveling to (insert popular destination request)
  7. Recap the COVID testing protocols for your most requested destination (invite them to save it)

Entertaining Content Ideas:

  1. How your business has changed in the past year
  2. The best travel advice you ever received
  3. Share your biggest travel blooper
  4. What bizarre item do you never leave home without
  5. 3 fun facts about yourself
  6. Share your hotel check-in ritual
  7. Are you a last-minute packer or layout everything a week in advance packer & why (ask your followers to comment with their packing strategy)
  8. Share your favorite place to work & why

Inspiring Content Ideas:

  1. “Where in the world are your clients” – breakdown of the trips you have traveling this month
  2. Share the types of trips you are booking this month
  3. Talk about a recent travel trend
  4. What up and coming destination do they need to have on their radar
  5. Share the quotes that you are currently working on
  6. The best vacation you have ever been on
  7. Your travel bucket list

Promotional Content Ideas:

  1. Tell the story behind your brand or company’s mission
  2. “Picture this…” scenario → use a travel hiccup like COVID testing to hit home how valuable your services are
  3. Explain the process of working with you
  4. Tour of your client experience
  5. Explain your services or packages
  6. Share the availability crunch & encourage your clients to reach out sooner rather than later
  7. Peel back the curtain at what planning a client itinerary looks like

Happy content planning! We hope this gives you a couple of fun ideas to work with! And if you are like “it’s still a hard pass for me”, your in luck!

We have space available for our social media launch service where the wonderful Kaytee Fisher, of Origins Travel, will help you map your content pillars, build an aesthetic grid, and kick start a marketing plan that is sustainable and strategic! Click here to check out the proposal, or here to schedule a complimentary discovery call with Kaytee to learn more!

Make sure to tag us at @tiquehq so we can see your content planning in action.

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