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We teased this in our post the other day (see the post HERE) but something we see constantly are advisors searching for MORE – more leads, more clients, more new inquiry forms, etc. But more is not always the answer you are looking for. But instead of focusing on the churn + burn that comes from constantly creating new content to attract MORE leads… what if instead, we pivoted our strategy to better nurture the leads we have who are already invested in what we are doing?

How do you do that? Here are 4 easy ways you can capitalize on your current leads.

Be social.

This may seem like an obvious one but we would be remiss to not mention it. If someone is taking the time to interact with you on social media, such as sending you a DM or commenting on your post, make sure that you are taking some time each day to interact with them.

This not only shows your follower that you are a real person, but it also is just one first example of the type of service that you would provide if they choose to work with you. These interactions with your account will also tell the algorithm that the client is liking your page and it will continue to push your new content to them to ensure that they see it.

Want to be more proactive? Make your new followers feel welcome by sending them a quick “thank you” and a question that pertains to your specialty! When it comes to engagement, a little bit goes a long way!

Send them personalized, relevant information.

This can be in the form of a DM that is sending them additional information about a question that they asked you previously or an email about a crazy flight deal to Cabo because when you posted about your latest stay at Chileno Bay they commented how incredible it looked. These personal touches again show the client that you are listening and care.

However, we know that when you have a bunch of followers and leads in your pipeline it can be hard to keep everyone straight. If you are committed to nurturing your current leads, we recommend starting a “Leads Tracking” spreadsheet. This is just a simple spreadsheet that helps you keep everyone straight and serve them the right information. This spreadsheet should have columns for: their name, their IG handle, destinations of interest, questions asked by them, notes, and the status of the leads (cold, warm, hot).

Send thank you notes.

A simple, handwritten note can go a long way! Once your client returns home we always recommend sending a handwritten thank you note on branded stationary. In a world where everything is digitalized, taking the time to write out a note can go a long way. This task is also a great thing to task your virtual assistant with!

Not a handwritten note type of business owner? No problem! There are plenty of virtual card companies that can send a thank you note directly to their inbox.

Create a retention plan for your business.

The main goal of most advisors is to create a business that is primarily referral or repeat business. But in order to create this utopia, you need to have a plan in place. Once a client returns from their trip, what does your follow-up plan look like?

If you purchased our Client Experience Workflow, you know that we believe in the post-trip follow-up and have a 6-month touchpoint for all travel clients to return. We use this email as just a general touchpoint to see how they are doing and send them our “Travel Wish List” form where they can input what destinations they are interested in/want us to keep an eye out for them.

What nurturing plans do you have in place for your marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments below!

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