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Review the 5 canned email templates that every travel advisor needs in their workflow to create a seamless client experience, while protecting their peace.

We would consider automated and streamlined systems part of our business love language here at TIQUE HQ. These canned email templates can be easily uploaded and implemented into your current CRM or directly into your email account.

1. Client Outreach Email

What’s the email you type the most? We’re guessing this would be it.

When someone reaches out about a trip, your best solution is to capture their email so that you can input their information into your lead log. Then you can send them this introductory email on your business, why someone should work with you, and an outline of your process.

It’s professional and it acts as a bit of a gatekeeper for those potential clients that are not the best fit. Be sure to link your inquiry form for them to complete before moving forward to the next step in your process.

2. “Schedule An Intake Call” Email

Once the client has sent over their inquiry form, it’s time to hop on a call!

This email should be a seamless next step in your workflow and is a great way to ensure that the lead is legitimate. If you do not currently hop on an intake call with every client, that’s okay. But we highly recommend it! This is an opportunity to add a human element to your process, and a way to capture more details about the trip that simply can not be conveyed over an electronic form.

Things like how they got really excited when they told you about their past honeymoon to Italy and the beautiful vineyard dinner they enjoyed. Humanizing the sales and intake process is a great way to close more sales and create stronger relationships with your clients.

3. Booking Confirmation Email

Your booking confirmation should do more than include a receipt and proof of booking.

The entire email should be riddled with call-to-actions and information. You should be asking for your clients to review the documents for accuracy with a specific request to confirm the details, as well as what they need to do next, and then an outline of what they can expect from you.

A timeline and sense of order will help your clients relax and give your inbox a break from unnecessary questions.

4. Pre-Departure Wrap Up Email

The king of all emails. This is the email that protects your peace and your business.

You should include a request to confirm all details, provide tips on your clients chosen destination, COVID entry insight (links are best for live information), directives on what documents to have, how to handle emergencies, and a request for the client to share their experience on social.

Feeling extra helpful? Save time on a wrap-up call and record a Loom video walkthrough of the itinerary instead!

5. Proposal Email

Your proposals should be consistent, informative, thorough, and full of intense imagery that truly paints the picture of what they’ll experience. We love a tool like Travefy- but whatever you use, make sure that you’re pairing it with a great email that showcases your value and highlights why the client has entrusted you with their trip.

This is your opportunity to share first-hand insight about the destination and sprinkle in logistical details that they should consider before their trip. Add some “Insta-worthy” images along the way, and they’ll be hooked!

Do you need help getting started on your bank of emails?

Click here to download these five canned email templates for free!

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