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While we strongly believe that having a toolbox of MORE than five email templates is necessary, we also believe in progress over perfection.

If you are looking to begin mapping your client experience, we recommend starting with baby steps. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top five email templates that can help you make your life (and your clients’ lives) easier.

About us & inquiry form link

It happens to all of us. Clients reach out by text, Facebook message, Instagram DM’s, and any other way that they can get in touch with us. But how do you direct them to your inquiry form and set the expectation that there is a defined process? Simple: ask them for their email address. Once you have this point of contact, let them know that they’ll receive an informational email about how to get started.

Not only does this create an email track record for you (also allowing you to measure lead conversion), but it will set the foundation for a professional relationship with defined steps. This email should include a bit about your company, a “how we work” guide (if you have one), and a link to your inquiry form so that they can submit more thorough details about their desired trip.

Scheduling the intake call

Once the client has submitted their inquiry form, you can minimize the back and forth emails asking “what times are you available” by simply sending an email expressing your excitement about their trip details with a link to your meeting scheduler.

Hot tip: Ask additional questions through your scheduler that allows you to get a bit more insight into their trip before the appointment.

Booking confirmation

While we know we are skipping a few steps (and we could make a solid argument for needing a proposal email template), we are going to get to the good stuff (i.e. the client has booked).

This email should be chocked full of details that empower the client to know about how to prepare for the trip, and what to expect from your communication as their departure date approaches. We recommend adding in points about passport requirements, seat assignments (and if they need to review them), their insurance selection (and how to add it, if they declined), and attaching all receipts and documents.

Outline what your timeline will look like to communicate with them on certain steps of their planning. This assures them that you will be following up with them, and they won’t need to email you for updates (we promise this helps reduce inbox overwhelm).

Lastly, if your system allows, request a signature confirmation that all details from their itinerary appear correct and that they’ve received all booking details. When in doubt, documentation is key.

Documents & wrap-up information

If there is a king of documents, this one would wear the crown. Creating a wrap-up template will save you time, but it can also protect you from forgetting to include reminders. We have a lot going on, and reinventing the wheel for every trip can create opportunities for risk.

This email should include destination-specific tips (transportation, tipping, attire, COVID regulations, etc.), general travel insight (where to exchange money, how to dial internationally, what to do when plans go sideways, etc.), all emergency contact information, a list of recommended items to print, and of course, a link to the itinerary and/or a PDF of the travel documents.

To make life even easier on yourself, we recommend recording a screen share where you walk through the entire itinerary and your wrap-up email. At the end of the email, you can include a link to schedule a call if they have any further questions. We bet know that you’ll see a decrease in your calendar being filled with wrap-up calls and an intense appreciation for respecting the clients’ time by providing a savvy and techy solution.

Arrival day touchpoint

We wrestled with choosing our final template. We debated heavily on #5 being a 24-hour check-in reminder, but some trips don’t require flights…so we settled on the arrival day touchpoint!

This one is our favorite to automate because clients depart and land every day of the week. This simple email exemplifies that you are thinking about the client, even when they’re off and running. The good news is that a lot of clients ignore this email, which means they are having too much fun to respond. The other good news is that IF there is a problem, you can find out at the beginning of a trip and work to find a solution. Ultimately, this directs clients to respond via email rather than texting you updates…which you know we love!

What emails do you find help streamline your business? Add the favorite part of your workflow in the comments!

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  1. Lori Wilson says:

    This is fantastic. I appreciate the simple, concise and effective emails you’ve described here.

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