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Workflow, workflow, workflow…we hear this word all the time, but what the heck is it exactly?

A “workflow” is the defined process that you’ve outlined for your client experience. To us, it’s one of our best selling services. We’re a little biased, but we feel confident that creating an outline of the ideal client experience (consider it like process mapping) will allow you to know how to handle each stop as it approaches.

There are endless reasons why creating templates and streamlining your systems are beneficial to your travel business, but we’ve kept it simple and broken it down to our top five:

Consistency creates credibility.

By defining your process, you legitimize your business. Your clients come to know what to expect and come to associate your name with high-quality service and thorough communication. What’s a better reputation than that?

Additionally, when each client receives the same experience, they are more likely to continue to share your name..and we all know that referrals tend to be the best source of ideal clients!

No more copy & paste.

How many times have you copied and pasted the same emails from one client’s email to another? We know the answer: too many.

Stop searching for past emails and transposing them to another email. It takes too much time, there is too much risk to duplicate irrelevant information, and it’s just unnecessary. Creating a template may take you out of your normal daily flow, but once your email templates are in place, you’ll never have to use that pesky search bar again (ok…that’s dramatic, but you get our drift).

Time is money.

One of our favorite things to strive for when looking at anything from a perspective of increasing efficiency is “does it reduce the number of clicks.” The more clicks your process has, the more time it tends to take. Once you’ve created a process, you get into a flow where you automatically know and anticipate the next step. This “muscle memory” reduces the time we may have previously used questioning what comes next.

In addition, selecting a simple dropdown in a lineup of templates saves you a lot of time from searching your inbox and trying to remember all the additional items that you want to include.

Your time is valuable. The less time you spend on administrative tasks, the more freedom you have to spend on marketing, performing more sales calls, or heck…just being with your loved ones!

Your lawyer will thank you.

Have you ever heard the saying “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen?”

We believe in documenting each step of the process and incorporating language that protects your business. In fact, it took us over five years and a lot of bloopers to come up with our Client Experience Workflow emails.

We quickly realized that by implementing airtight terms and conditions and a consistent client experience that defined the client’s responsibilities vs. ours, we were in a much better position to manage our risk (and keep our money in our wallets).

Automation allows you to scale.

One of our favorite things about TravelJoy (there are a lot) is the ability to implement a task list that automates your emails. That means that you can send thoughtful email outreach to clients, even when you are out of the office!

Scheduling touch points throughout your client experiences allows the client to know that they are a priority and that their trip is on your mind. This also means that you can use those “brain calories” for other things that help you scale your business to the level that you want!

Have a team or looking to bring on more new agents this year? TravelJoy also allows you to share your templates with other team members so that you can ensure all of your brand new agents are set up for success as well!

Do you have a client experience workflow? Share how it has helped you build the business of your dreams in the comments below!

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