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As a travel advisor, you’re well aware of the intricacies involved in handling client details, reservations, travel plans, and effective communication. This is where TravelJoy CRM steps in, providing an all-inclusive solution tailored to optimize your operational efficiency and elevate your client management endeavors.

Visually Appealing Proposals And Emails

TravelJoy CRM makes life easier for travel advisors like you. With TravelJoy CRM, you can create SmartProposals that include all the flight, accommodation, and activity details your clients need. Plus, you have the freedom to customize these proposals to make them visually appealing and engaging in emails.

We’re all about adding a personal touch. That’s why we love adding your company’s logo and branding to every email. It’s a great way to show off your unique identity at every step.

Now, here’s the thing: our proposal system is truly stunning, and the itinerary system works seamlessly on mobile devices. But, we’ve got to be honest – we’re holding back some of our excitement. Why? Because we’re waiting for them to roll out a downloadable app that your clients can use to access their itineraries. We know that would really be the icing on the cake for your clients’ experience!

Streamlined Workflow And Centralized Communication

TravelJoy CRM brings a game-changing solution to travel advisors like yourself. It’s like having a control center that simplifies your work by bringing together all your client details and bookings. No more scattered information – everything is right at your fingertips.

Imagine this: templated emails, easy-to-use forms, and handy task lists. This means you can follow a consistent process every time, ensuring top-notch service for your clients. The best part? The CRM’s standout features – think of it as your secret weapon. From storing all your important info in one place, managing bookings effortlessly, to keeping communication smooth as silk – it’s all covered.

But wait, there’s more. Our absolute favorite? Each client gets a timeline of all the emails. No more digging through your inbox to find past conversations. It’s all laid out neatly for you.

TravelJoy CRM isn’t just a tool – it’s your sidekick for making travel advising a breeze.

Communication, Automation & Mobile Access

TravelJoy’s templated emails are a step beyond client info storage. They automate pre-trip touchpoints and preemptively address queries. Email sync lets advisors reply within TravelJoy, keeping all chat history organized. Efficiency soars, making it a must-have communication hub. No app? Check the podcast for a clever solution.

Auditing Capabilities As A Team Manager

For teams, TravelJoy’s a gem. It logs all client chats, time-stamped and secure. Forms catch signatures and docs can be uploaded, perfect for reviews. Owner tackles hiccups swiftly, keeping things smooth. Plus, when a teammate steps back, another can slide in seamlessly, no sweat.

Commission Tracking & Metrics Reporting

TravelJoy CRM rocks with commission reports. Independent advisors, listen up! You don’t need a big agency’s CRM – this feature’s got you covered. Invoice unpaid commissions like a pro. Keep tabs on what’s owed to you, ensuring you pocket what you’ve earned. Financial clarity at its finest – make money moves with TravelJoy CRM.

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