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You run a successful business, right? You’re moving and shaking, leads are coming in, clients are flying out, and you’re on top of the world.

Until it hits….overwhelm.

You notice that your detail orientation starts to slip, your enthusiasm begins to fade, and you feel run by your business instead of you running it. Is it time to consider hiring help? Let’s talk through the top 5 signs that your business may be in need of some additional TLC from a VA (virtual assistant).

Communication Delays

People join people. If a client wanted a transaction, they would book on an OTA (online travel agency). However, the decision to hire a travel advisor is usually drawn by the promise of communication and guidance.

If we lose the ability to respond in a timely way, we lose the trust of our clients. Once you start to see your communication taking longer and longer, this may be a tell-tale sign that you need some extra help.

Errors In Bookings

Moving too quickly leads to silly mistakes. Unfortunately, silly mistakes in the travel industry lead to large financial (and emotional) hits. We don’t have the luxury of making missteps in our travel business, especially with the limited availability and high volumes that destinations are currently seeing. There once was a time when a small error could easily be fixed, but those days are gone with the post-COVID travel boom.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to…well, yourself. Notice the red flags and seek help as soon as you see details start to slip.

Late Nights Are Normal

Have you heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, it’s true. You can’t provide exceptional service to your clients if you don’t have any balance in your life.

Late nights lead to exhaustion, exhaustion leads to errors, errors lead to financial loss and financial loss leads to resentment for your job. It’s all connected and you need to remember that your clients deserve the best version of you, which requires self-care and nights away from the blue screen.

You’re Always Behind

That tightness in your chest and the knot in your stomach is telling you something. If you’re always feeling like you are one step behind in sending final documents, posting your social media, remembering to pay your accountant, or any other aspect of your job, it probably means that you have too many tasks on your plate.

An assistant can seamlessly take some of the less “involved” pieces of the business off your plate so that you can focus on your strengths.

Lack of Passion

Here’s the final straw. If all the signs listed above have weighed on you to the point where you aren’t loving what you do, you definitely are going to want a find a way to bring that joy into your life. When you look to hire an assistant, make a list of the things that fuel your fire.

Then make a list of things that drain you. We can’t all be great at everything, and most likely, someone will thrive with the tasks that you are struggling with. By outsourcing those items that deprive you of that fulfilling feeling that you once had, you may be able to bring that pep in your step.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Do any of these signs resonate with you? If so, did you listen? Share what you’re doing to maintain balance (and happiness) while operating your travel business below!

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