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In 2020 the world changed. Personal connection became limited and digital platforms became increasingly more important for the success of a business. As an industry that thrives on the face to face, this has forced many travel professionals to redesign their process and reconsider their website presence. 

We promise that it’s not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, we’ve broken it down into our top seven ways to make your website work attract clients and retain their interest to the point of booking. 

SEO Maximization

Dare we start with the one topic that is making most travel professionals shutter? Hear us out! SEO doesn’t have to be known as the other “s” word. There is a need to research keywords that people are looking for on the internet search. To get an insightful blog post on your website is not something hard. Since it is a traveling website, traveling post should be the main focus. For tips on writing SEO topics, Yoast is an excellent website to consult. Our biggest tip? Consistently post blogs on your niche.

Brag on your blog

By feeding a stream of content with your niche’s keywords, you will continue to strengthen your presence on the internet.Writing on different niches makes a blog “jack of all trade, master of none,” the blog doesn’t make progress because Google does not even know where to place it. 

We get it- you don’t want to ostracize an audience by only sharing certain places over and over. Focus on the words that you want your agency to be known for – whether that is style or destination.

Use great photos

We’ll say it another way…don’t use crap images. Just don’t. We live in a time where there are so many free resources of royalty-free images. There is simply no reason to use bad photography and cheapen your brand. 

Need options? We’re here for you:

If you can’t find what you want, we recommend upgrading your photo choices through Stocksy and Shutterstock.

Be short & sweet

Your website should read like you would want a resume to read: clear, informative, and differentiating. No one wants to read an entire webpage to find out why they should trust you. Your tone, images, affiliations, and accolades should combine to create a package that a client is attracted to. This is a place where less is more.  

Always have a call to action

Every write-up should end with a call to action for a visit in which the website agency is introduced as an ideal place for bookings. This is done by placing a hyperlink or button to the contact page. The less clicks the better! Do not forget that every post’s purpose is to drive traffic to the website and customer patronage to the company. A post without a call to action is wasted energy.

Capture audience emails

Did you know that many companies value organization through their enlisted audience? It proves that there is a sense of loyalty to an existing audience. Not only that, but in a year like 2020, we need to remind our clients that we are still here and that we are more relevant than ever. In addition, it’s become increasingly important for us to assure clients that we can help them travel in a safe way. Whether you use Flodesk, Mailchimp, Squarespace, or any other tool- this is a tool that you must have in your arsenal.

Authenticity is key

You can have the beautiful Pantone colors and magazine-worthy images, but without great copyright that shows your personality, your clients will not be able to connect with you. That doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself- but it does mean that you should hire someone that is exceptional at tapping into who you are and what you want to communicate. 

Think of your website as the new handshake. It should be strong while meeting your client direct in the eye. 

Does your website have all of these features?  If not, we are happy to chat about how we can help!

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