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Surrounding yourself with the right people in the industry can be transformative. Kristin Chambers, owner of TravelLuster and D.A. Luxury Travel, joins this episode to share how she has grown her companies and the initiatives that helped her gain success and land on award lists such as Conde Nast’s Top Travel Specialists and Top 25 All Star Travel Advisors by Travel Agent Magazine. 

Hear Kristin’s inspirational journey from starting her own agency during the 2007 recession to founding a full-service host agency in 2015. She emphasizes the significance of building a community and nurturing partnerships to achieve success. She also provides insights into attending industry events (ILTM, Pure, Duco Italy, and more) and the value of curiosity and commitment in advancing your business. Tune in to gain strategies on growing your agency and making a name for yourself in the industry!

The Power Of Community

In this episode, Kristin talks about the importance of joining a supportive community of travel advisors who share your passions and goals. Being part of this group gives you practical tips, emotional support, and chances to work together.

You can freely share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and stay motivated. It’s more than just networking—it’s finding people who get what you’re going through as a travel advisor.

By being part of this community, you can grow faster, learn new business strategies, and even team up on projects. Ultimately, connecting with like-minded professionals can make your journey in the travel industry more fulfilling and successful.

Perspective Is Everything

Kristin shares her personal obstacles that could have resulted in a different career path. Against the odds, Kristin decided to start her business and leverage her network to create a successful brand. She considers failures a redirection, rather than a stopping point.

Confronting obstacles with an abundance mindset means seeing challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement. Instead of focusing on scarcity or limitations, you shift your perspective to one of abundance, believing that there are always solutions and resources available.

The Importance Of Networking

Kristin believes that networking with a genuine curiosity about the industry is a key strategy for earning awards and advancing your business. She sees curiosity as the spark that ignites valuable connections within the travel community. By approaching networking with an eagerness to learn and understand more, individuals can establish themselves as leaders in the field. Engaging in conversations, attending events, and seeking mentorship opportunities not only expands knowledge but also opens doors to collaborations. Kristin stresses that these genuine connections form the basis for industry recognition and growth in your business.

Want to hear more? Listen to the episode!

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