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Copywriting is often overlooked but has the potential to wield a profound influence on transforming passive spectators into engaged leads for travel advisors. We partnered with Emily Matras of Bon Vivant Copy to discuss how transformative improving your website copywriting can be.

About Emily

As the owner and writer-in-chief of Bon Vivant Copy, I, Emily Matras, embarked on this journey with a firm belief in the immense value offered by today’s travel professionals. In an era where planning travel has evolved into a complex and time-consuming endeavor, there exists a genuine demand for experts capable of cutting through the online clutter and dispelling the myths hidden within countless reviews. When we say that Emily practices what she preaches, we mean it. Emily believes in the power of niching down and becoming incredibly specific about what you want to market to your clients.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of crafting persuasive content to influence reader action. There are various types of copywriting, each suited to different goals. For travel advisor websites, conversion copywriting is ideal. This is what Emily focuses on as her niche. It focuses on driving actions like bookings and inquiries, making it crucial in the travel industry’s competitive landscape.

Attracting Your Target Audience

Copywriting is pivotal for attracting a travel advisor’s target audience. It aligns messaging with the audience’s needs and desires, fostering engagement and emotional connections. By emphasizing the benefits and value of the advisor’s services and incorporating persuasive calls to action, copywriting guides potential travelers toward taking action, like booking or requesting information. Consistent messaging across channels and SEO optimization enhance the advisor’s visibility, making it easier for the target audience to find and engage with their services, ultimately boosting inquiries and bookings.

Want to know more about Emily works and hear specific case studies about travel advisor successes? Tune into the podcast episode to hear more!

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