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You may have heard about, or are already using, our favorite system Loom, but did you know that you can actually leverage Loom to help you educate your clients before you ever even meet them? It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to save time, create convenience, and simplify your onboarding process.

By correctly leveraging technology and automation, you can actually enhance the personalization of your client experience without taking away that special touch that only human-to-human contact can provide.

We’re sharing the many ways that you can leverage Loom to help educate your clients, such as how you work, and providing continual feedback – all while making it more convenient for them! This is a great tool for working smarter, not harder, as well as elevating the overall client experience. 

Convenience = Luxury

First things first: we believe that by creating convenience you are creating personalization. We equate personalization to luxury, and that means that this tool (while some may argue can remove the human component out of the process) is as personal as you can get. After all, clients are working with travel advisors to simplify the process and create convenience. By providing customized videos of thorough explanations, you are allowing clients to view the information at a time that works for their schedule.

Utilize Video On Your Website

Video is a popular feature on websites, but those videos are typically of breathtaking panoramas and travel inspiration. A unique spin on incorporating video would be to add an introduction video on your “About” page. This allows potential clients to learn more about you and your business before ever reaching the intake form. Showcasing your personality can help narrow down the clients by attracting only those that match your style.

Start The Intake Process With Loom

Have you thought about embedding a welcome video into your initial outreach email? Imagine feeling warmly greeted by a business owner and being able to learn about the company without scouring the website. By creating a welcome video and including this in your initial email response to an inquiry, you are able to lay the foundation for the intake call. You can utilize this step to outline your fee structure, discuss your process, and introduce all of the other details that you would typically cover in the intake call before clients ever land on your calendar. This frees up time during that call for you to get to know the clients on a deeper level since they should already have a decent amount of information on your business (and you)!

Streamline Your Proposal Process

Let’s be realistic, do your clients read every word that you type? We have a feeling that you are shaking your head “no.” If that’s the case, you may want to try another approach. Loom videos allow the advisor to walk through the proposal in a much more natural and thorough way. If you want to know more about how to sell more, sell faster, and sell at a higher ticket price, you’ll definitely want to check out our Profitable Proposals Masterclass!

Manage Client Feedback

Rather than typing out the responses to every question you receive (which we guarantee will be far fewer when presenting proposals through Loom), you could quickly record a Loom that allows you to articulate your responses in a more natural way. Many times clients don’t understand the complexities of an itinerary and by sharing your screen, reviewing a map, room type, etc. you can often allow your clients to understand what they are purchasing on a deeper level. This level of detail can instill trust and confidence, which will be key as you approach the travel dates (more trust = less email outreach).

Nurturing The Relationship

Speaking of the lead-up to travel, you can utilize videos to nurture your clients throughout the various touchpoints. At 90 days, you could explain the importance of concierge-level requests being submitted at this juncture. At 45 days prior to departure, you could walk your clients through registering their frequent flyer numbers and TSA details into their airline website. Videos can serve as a “how to” or simply a greeting- it’s up to you!

Level-Up Your Wrap-Up Documents

There is so much information provided in the final documents email. It can be incredibly overwhelming, which is why many clients want a call to talk through all of the pre-travel details. In the wrap-up email, we love to include a full walk-through of the itinerary, as well as thorough explanation of the itinerary app, where to find the relevant travel documents, reiterate and ask any pending questions, as well as outline the escalation plan. Providing this recorded walk-through allows you, as the advisor, to record at your convenience and without conversational interruption. Recording these calls drastically reduce the amount of time that you will spend on the phone, especially if those phone calls would have had multiple travelers. We feel confident that by implementing this you will see a drastic reduction in clients booking “wrap-up” calls on your calendar. Not only that, but you’re likely to have fewer clients reach out to you while they are traveling because you have taken the time to walk them through all the steps to handle an in-destination obstacle.

Do you use Loom? Share your favorite way to use this fantastic software in the comments!

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