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Hot topic alert! As a travel advisor, crafting a perfect proposal is key to a positive client experience and increasing sales conversion. Regardless of which stage you’re at in your travel career, you can always improve upon your proposal presentation to create the best possible outcome for your clients. In this episode, Jennifer and Robin discuss the key elements of a perfect proposal, such as confirming the details in writing, selecting the right supplier, and a quick turnaround time. They also provide tips for improving the presentation and creating an engaging and immersive experience to “wow” clients.

Verify Your Information Is Correct

First, it’s important to confirm the details of the intake call in writing. We typically send a recap call email to thank the client for their time and a summary of their intake call. This email is not only a gesture of appreciation but also a crucial step in verifying specific details before we proceed with sending a proposal to a supplier. In your recap email, we recommend including key elements such as the reason for the trip, destination, preferred dates and dates to avoid, specific components you want quoted, must-haves and priorities, the style of accommodation, the desired pace of travel, and the budget. This comprehensive approach ensures all critical aspects are covered and agreed upon, facilitating a smooth planning process.

Select The Right Supplier For The Trip

When you’re selecting a supplier partner to curate a custom itinerary, it’s essential to choose one that aligns well with both the client’s preferences and the specific type of trip. The right supplier should offer an efficient turnaround time, an easy-to-digest itinerary format, and a detailed explanation of the payment process, including commission details. It’s also crucial to understand the terms and conditions to ensure both parties know their responsibilities and rights. A strong supplier will provide 24/7 support to handle any issues that may arise during the trip and should have well-established connections within the travel industry to guarantee quality and reliability. Of course, reviewing the supplier proposal with discernment is key, since you’ll want to ensure that they’ve used creativity and provided all the “must-haves” that you outlined in your request.

Present The Proposal In An Aesthetically Appealing Way

Creating an aesthetically pleasing digital itinerary is crucial for selling a destination or travel plan effectively. Since travel is a luxury item, it’s important that clients can almost experience the destination through compelling imagery and storytelling before they even begin their journey. This can be achieved by selecting the right platform, such as Travefy or Tern, which allows for the integration of vibrant visuals and engaging narratives. These platforms provide the tools necessary to design itineraries that are not only informative but also visually captivating, making them more appealing to potential travelers. This approach helps to inspire clients and can significantly boost the perceived value of the travel experience, encouraging them to invest in what promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

Create A Compelling And Custom Video Presentation

Creating a Loom walkthrough with a clear, structured outline can really help clients understand their travel plan. Start by going over the key points from the initial intake call, setting the stage for what’s to come. Then, show clients how to navigate the technology, pointing out where they can find specific information they need. Walk them through the itinerary step-by-step, emphasizing the exciting parts and must-see spots. Discuss the pricing openly, so they know exactly what to expect and how their budget is being used. Also, go over different insurance options to ensure they feel safe and informed about their coverage choices. End the walkthrough by asking for their input—this not only makes the plan more tailored to their preferences but also makes them feel more involved in the planning process.

Want to nail your next proposal? Listen to the episode to learn more!

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