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Oftentimes, advisors are working to transition from part-time travel planning to a full-time travel advisor committed to their travel career. If this is you, it’s time to take the necessary steps to legitimize your business and elevate your reputation! By following these steps, you’ll not only establish yourself as a professional in the industry but also attract higher-paying clients and build a sustainable travel business!

Legal Legitimacy

For a travel advisor to gain trust and credibility, they need a few key things:

First off, setting up as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a smart move. It shows clients that the agency operates within the bounds of state laws, giving them peace of mind. Plus, it protects both the advisor and their client’s assets, which is a win-win.

Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also important. It’s like a badge of honor that says, “Hey, we’re serious about what we do!” Plus, it helps with all sorts of business stuff like taxes and banking, making things smoother for everyone involved.

Having Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance is another must. It’s like having a safety net – if something goes wrong, you’re covered. Clients feel more confident knowing there’s that extra layer of protection, and it shows you’re committed to providing top-notch service.

Last but not least, having clear and friendly Terms & Conditions is key. Having this document solidifies each financial transaction and outlines the responsibilities of both parties throughout the booking process. This also protects you from chargebacks…which no one needs to mess with! If you’re in need of Terms & Conditions, we’ve collaborated with The Legal Paige to create a travel advisor specific agreement!

Online Presence

For a travel agency to really stand out and gain trust, they need a few more essentials:

Having a dedicated website is a game-changer. When people search for vacation options, the first thing they do is Google it. So, having a professional website not only signals legitimacy but also helps the agency stand out from the competition. And with all the great website templates out there, launching a stunning site doesn’t have to break the bank! We love Tonic for templates, Solstice Collective for custom websites, and Travefy for a simple landing page and economical option.

In addition, having an email address with your company’s domain name is key. Think about it – when you receive an email from info@yourcompanyname.com, it just feels more official, right? It adds a level of professionalism and authenticity that generic or personal email addresses can’t match. Plus, clients are more likely to trust communications from an email associated with the agency’s official domain, boosting the agency’s credibility even further.

A Financial Foundation

To ensure a travel agency is running smoothly and professionally, there are a few more essentials to consider:

Having a dedicated business bank account is crucial. It’s like drawing a clear line between personal and business finances, which reassures clients that their payments are being handled securely and professionally. Plus, it helps keep everything organized and makes tax time a whole lot easier! For our business, we’ve opted to use Novo for our bank and Chase Ink as our primary credit card.

Next, having a secure credit card processor is a must. But not just any processor – one that’s integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system adds an extra layer of security and professionalism. It shows clients that their payment information is being handled with care, and it streamlines the payment process for everyone involved. Our current favorites are Travefy, Tern, & TravelJoy!

Lastly, hiring a professional bookkeeper is a smart move. They’ll keep all your financial records in order, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and accountability. From tracking expenses and revenues to preparing financial reports, a bookkeeper helps the agency make informed decisions and stay on top of regulatory requirements. It’s like having a financial guru on your team, guiding you toward success!

Systems & Processes

To really excel in the travel industry, a few more things should be considered.

First up…SOPs! Having Standard Operating Procedures and documented processes are key. Without having a process, you simply have a pattern. People have patterns, but businesses have processes. Having step-by-step protocols for tasks like booking, customer service, and crisis management, can make sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it. We love to use Tango for an easy process capture! This Chrome extension saves tons of time by creating processes for you with a click of a button.

The biggest one? Having solid CRM system is essential. It’s like having a digital hub where all client information and interactions are stored. With a CRM, agents can provide personalized service and tailored recommendations, building stronger relationships and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Organizational technology is also crucial. By leveraging tools like ClickUp, the agency demonstrates its commitment to operational excellence. It shows adaptability, innovation, and readiness to meet the evolving needs of clients and the travel industry, further solidifying its legitimacy and credibility.

Professional Photography

Brand consistency is vital for a travel agency to establish a strong identity and resonate with its audience.

Investing in a brand photoshoot may seem like a luxury, but we’d argue that it’s a “must-have.” It’s like capturing the essence of your agency in visuals. These visuals can be used across all marketing channels, ensuring consistency and reinforcing your agency’s identity.

By prioritizing brand photoshoots and maintaining consistency, a travel agency can establish a strong and memorable brand presence, setting itself apart in a competitive market.

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