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As a travel advisor, unpredictable situations are bound to happen. While handling frustrations or an emergency is never ideal, with the right preparation and mindset, you can handle these situations like a pro! Ashlyn Puckett, Tique’s workflow guru and former client experience manager, joins this conversation to discuss how to stay calm and collected when things go sideways during travel.

Start By Properly Preparing Your Clients

Our Niche community resource library always includes a trip audit spreadsheet… and for good reason! By preparing the itinerary and “controlling the controllables,” you’ve done your part. There are so many details in one trip that it’s easy to open your clients up to an emergency if you haven’t thoroughly audited all items on the itinerary. It’s also helpful to ensure you’ve provided a thorough pre-recorded Loom video walkthrough of the final documents and itinerary, including emergency numbers, and outlined how to contact their insurance provider (if applicable).

Recognize Areas Of Risk & Plan Accordingly

As a travel advisor, being ready for the unexpected is part of the game. One smart move? Team up with properties boasting top-notch concierge services. This way, if something pops up out of the blue – like a sudden change in travel plans (i.e. a train derailment, transportation strike, or other) – your clients have a friendly local contact to lean on. Whether it’s sorting out new transportation or tackling any surprise hiccup, having a go-to person on the ground can save the day. It’s all about giving your clients that extra peace of mind, knowing they’ve got someone looking out for them no matter what comes their way.

Practice Emotional Support

In addition to practical assistance, it’s crucial for travel advisors to address the emotional side of travel disruptions, recognizing the stress they can cause clients. Sometimes, people just need to feel heard and supported. Advisors can provide emotional support by acknowledging the challenges and reassuring clients that they’re not alone in navigating them. Simple phrases like “Let’s take a moment to assess the situation and explore all available options together,” or “I understand the impact that travel delays can have on your plans and emotions,” can go a long way in comforting clients. It’s also helpful to provide direction to emergency documents, such as insurance, to ensure clients have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. By combining practical assistance with emotional support, travel advisors can help clients weather unexpected challenges with greater resilience and confidence.

Stay Informed & Flexible

Keeping up with the latest travel updates and regulations isn’t just about ticking boxes – it’s about using technology and resources to track flights, weather, and advisories to ensure smooth sailing. As advisors, being a reliable source of information for clients is part of the job, offering insights and updates as situations evolve. Quick problem-solving and finding alternative solutions are also key, involving teamwork with travel partners, airlines, and hotels. And remember, it’s all about finding that sweet spot between what the client wants and what’s realistically available. By staying informed and adaptable, we can turn any travel hiccup into a manageable adventure!

Want to hear more about our approach to handling crisis scenarios? Listen to episode 68!

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