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We are in the website game – which means that we have heard this question a time or two. And our real answer might shock you because it seems like everyone, absolutely everyone, is launching or revamping their blog content.

But is it worth it for your travel business? Honestly, your level of success depends on why and what you’re blogging for, so let’s break down some reasons why you should… and why you should not.

Reasons you should start a blog:

1. It helps drive traffic to your website.

This is hands down the most popular reason that people get started with blogging. Not only are you creating helpful content that gets people interested in checking out your site, but creating consistent content also helps the SEO of your site.

2. It creates a omni-presence marketing strategy.

Omni-presence marketing means that you are marketing on a variety of different platforms. This is powerful because instead of putting all your metaphorical eggs in the Instagram basket, you are instead communicating with your community across different channels in different ways.

For example, we are dishing out education content on Instagram… but our blog content is always different. Which means that we are encouraging our followers to consume our Instagram AND the blog content because it is different, and valuable.

3. It shows your authority in the travel space.

Your blog content should be educational in nature and deliver your reader a “quick win”. This encourages them to trust you as a professional in your space. This is especially important for service based businesses.

By flexing your authority, you are encouraging your clients to know, like, and trust you… which increases the likelihood that they will convert into an active, paying client.

Reasons you should not start a blog:

1. Blogging is a marathon. Not a sprint.

If you are expecting to write a couple blogs and see instant success – you should not start a blog. When you are starting a blog from ground zero, there is a lot of building to be done. Typically this is done through trial and error where you are learning the content and topics your readers like vs. what they do not like.

2. It is another piece of content creation.

So many advisors already struggle to create consistent content on social media, let alone creating even more long form content that is valuable enough for a true blog post. If you are the type to sit down and absolutely hate the process of creating captivating captions and brainstorming engaging topics, then adding another platform to the mix might just be setting you up for failure.

3. There is a learning curve.

As mentioned above, you will need to take the time to analyze your blog metrics if you ever want it to be successful. If you are just blindly posting whatever you want without coming back to your posts to see what actually attracted readers, you could be spinning your wheels.

You don’t need to just write blogs. You need to write blogs that your readers like to read. And that means analyzing your past posts and creating a content plan accordingly.

Do you have an active blog for your business?! Tell us in the comments below!

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